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  1. I'd like to use a few of my notebooks as collections of images on particular topics. If I'm on a web page and I right click an image and choose "clip image" it seems to clip the image automatically to my default notebook (or is it just the last notebook clipped to?). I realize I can click "edit" on the small pop up notification that appears but then I have to further click "show details" (and get redirected to the evernote site) to finally get to the dropdown menu to change the notebook. What I'm looking for is a faster solution, more like pinterest - I click the image, instantly can choose which pinboard, and click pin and I'm done: the image I've selected goes directly to the pinboard I want. To be clear, I see that when I clip an article using the evernote web clipper button on my browser the large pop-up window easily allows me to choose which notebook - I just don't see this functionality when I'm right clicking individual images.
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