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  1. May be EN should stop offering free version altogether and offer paid version only? Personally I think charging users for keeping notes is no longer a profitable business model - especially when there are many other alternatives available for free.
  2. If you want to quit EN, then another app may have same problem few years down the line. Better to think how to change your workflow so that you are not tied up to any proprietary note format. This means writing your notes in DOCX, HTML, RTF or similar. Then what you need is searching capability across all notes. There are many 3rd party apps for that. If you keep your notes in cloud (Dropbox, Onedrive, Gdrive) then you can sync across devices too. Using this route, you will never have to think about any migration.
  3. There are several differences between a notes app vs a word processor. Word processor = good for long documents, formatting is important, printing is must, you search within a single document, mainly for sharing formally with others Notes app = good for many short documents, formatting is basic, printing not important, you search across ALL notes, mainly for your personal use Rather than using a notes app as word processor, the other way round i.e. using a word processor (like Word) as notes app is more useful. You can search inside all DOCX files at once (using many 3rd party a
  4. Well, searching inside Office attachment is premium feature and it also creates a copy of the document inside Evernote. If your document is updated you need to remember to attach it again with Evernote!
  5. I think some of the features you requested like nicely formatting printing, image alignment etc. are features of word processors and not necessarily key for note taking apps. Notes are meant to be quick scribbles and not meant for presenting to others - for the latter we have word processors. In fact, this is why I am using Evernote far less now. Notes which I take to present to others, I now type in Power Point or Word. It is easy to searching inside several office documents (there are several apps for that and Onedrive web can do it too) . For the other notes, I am slowing moving
  6. Being 100-yr old company was a vision by EN's 1st CEO - don't think it is still EN vision under new management. If you really worried what will happen to your notes in decades time, then I suggest you keep your notes using as simple format as possible - like text/ASCII format. If you have images, then you can use HTML or DOCX - Microsoft's format will exist for a long time due to billions of user base. If Microsoft goes bust someone else will make DOCX files readable for foreseeable future. In fact, EN is now somewhat obsolete. You can do lot more in word processor like Word and
  7. It is not EN's best interest to allow storing database in a cloud drive. Then would be possible to bypass EN free tier limitation to sync into multiple devices potentially having a local notes system bypassing EN server completely. EN wants your data to be in their server for a reason.
  8. I don't understand the advantage of Markdown. It is not 1980s that we need to work with text files. WYSIWYG formats like RTF are readable by almost any word processor and you can even include tables, images etc. without being locked to any proprietary format. In fact RTF files are actually ASCII. Even DOCX format is almost universal now. My empirical observation is that Mac users are inclined to Markdown compared to Windows users.
  9. Would it not be better to separate those sensitive notes entirely? You can either use a different EN a/c for that or use a completely separate app like Simple Note/Nimbus Note/One Note etc.
  10. Let me explain the title of the thread first. I am using Evernote for many years. My notes are predominantly text and some embedded images. Almost no handwritten notes. The beauty of Evernote is syncing across all devices. Then 2 things happened. [1] The sync was limited to 2 devices for free users. [2] My employer blocked all cloud storage at work (this includes Evernote, Dropbox etc.) The [2] is now reality for many corporate organizations to prevent people uploading confidential documents to cloud. This meant, at work, my only option to check all my not
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