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  1. Please add back auto-title from first line on note.
  2. Hey Devs, I have looked over some old threads and this request is not getting much love. If you're not going to consider it then can you at least let me use an old version that does titles based on the first line of the note, before the "improved" ones with GPS and calendar note titles came along? It would be much appreciated, and save so much time in creating, browsing and searching through my many notes.
  3. Please allow auto title option of "title from first line of note". This was an automatic feature of auto title before. It would make entering notes soo much faster. Why make users have to think of a title and enter it separately when you could just title from the first line of the note as before. Don't you think it makes more sense than ending up with multiple notes with the same calendar event title, especially when the note content may have nothing to do with a calendar event? Titles from GPS location are equally annoying. I know I'm not the only one who wants this. Please change this, it's so exasperating.
  4. Hi, As a result of the new auto-title feature, I have many many notes with identical titles of "Note @ YourCity". I do not find this very useful... I really liked the old auto-title feature where a title would be generated based on the first line of the note. Can you add this back? At least make it an option. Thanks!
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