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  1. I'd say both. As I understand it, Evernote would have to work with Google and their Assistant API to empower GA with more than simplest commands that Google natively supports like "Open [Application Name]".
  2. Using Evernote Premium on Android Nougat. What are the command /verbs that are supported (as of early 2018)? (I've been hunting the web for days)
  3. Welp, this is fun. Now it's working for me. I've fiddled with it off and on for a couple of weeks, but only now, after y'all's input, it works. Um, thanks? (Select in List, normal right-click on "Copy Internal Link" and then CTRL-click to generate the /evernote/ local link. ) Of course, now I could proceed to chant the "User Delusion" response; I SWEAR I didn't change anything! LOL I've been in IT/tech for 25+ years and I still sometimes can't figure out what I was doing wrong -- which is my intellectual/scientific assumption. The rest of me is all "Freakin' Gremlins. How they love to torment me!"
  4. He's right. It's 6.6.4 in release. My mistake. in MyNote > menu "Note" > menu choice "Internal Link" > paste to Notepad with "https://www.evernote.com/shard/s2..." format in MyNote > menu "Note" > menu choice CTRL-"Internal Link" > paste to Notepad with "https://www.evernote.com/shard/s2..." format in WindowsDesktopApp 6.6.4; MyNote selected in nav pane. * Right-click on note body, no context menu choice for link here * Right-click on note name "MyNote" in nav pane to get context menu; click on "Copy Internal Link" same results * Right-click on note name "MyNote" in nav pane to get context menu; right-click on "Copy Internal Link" same results * Right-click on note name "MyNote" in nav pane to get context menu; CTRL-click on "Copy Internal Link" same results Those are all the locations and combinations I tried.
  5. *sigh* Why has Evernote always made it so hard to create a standard window desktop shortcut? For a while, you could, if you learned the secret arcane ritual; Open Evernote (duh) Select Note in list on left. Activate the context menu (right-click) (here's the secret) Hold CTRL while selecting Note Link in the context menu. It takes the form of File:\\\evernote\path\long string (If I recall) Create (or re-use) an Evernote shortcut and paste that local file URL link into the shortcut Properties. Now there's no Note Link. It's been replaced with Copy Internal Link. Which, to my mind, sounds like it would do exactly what I want. But NOoooooo. It's generates an EXTERNAL link to the Evernote web interface. Clearly they want to push us onto the web (this and many other indications) Why does Evernote hate Windows? Honestly, if it weren't for the major upgrades to the Table functionality in the 6.6.6. release, I'd be looking elsewhere for note management. I don't need or want all kind of bullshit business bloatware and other extraneous features. I don't need this to polish my cat. Just organize my info. So, is there a way to generate a LOCAL Windows URL to a particular note? Not a *search*. Not some other silliness workaround (I mean, I have to..) Extra bonus points: (rhetorical question - companies never divulge their company-centric, damn the customer, design decisions) -- Why was this REMOVED?!
  6. Um, what does a dotted line have to do with the color of the icon? In other words, they could make the elephant head part green again, keep the background grey or transparent, and retain the dotted border.
  7. I also just noticed this and thought the plugin had failed. Please bring back the green. A) It's part of your brand identity - didn't Marketing tell you about that? Your icon is now hard to find/see. Many browsers are moving to grey backgrounds by default - In my Chrome setup your button icon all but disappears from lack of contrast. One of the things that continue to befuddle and annoy users is when companies make seemingly arbitrary and nonsensical decisions. Perhaps a simple explanation about the justification would help people appreciate what sense it might make. (Riiiight. A company that bothers to talk to it's users about their decision process...) -- Bear
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