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  1. I'm a premium subscriber, and have been since I first used the app a few months back. This update is a disaster. The whole point of this app is that it makes keeping notes easy and intuitive. I don't want to have to re-learn what I already know how to do because the developer has decided to make life easier for me. Above all I don't want functionality I'm paying for hidden from me; In order to make my notebooks available offline I had to come here, read this thread and click on a small green triangle - that's hardly intuitive! Breaking integration with Skitch means I can't do one of the main things that made evernote attractive to me in the first place, the ability to take a photo of something and then annotate it with dimensions. I can still do that of course, but I don't find out I've wasted my time until I try to save it. This should never have been released, it's clearly only suitable for beta testing. I don't pay to be a beta-tester.
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