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  1. FYI, Shift-Ctrl-Command-4 will put the screenshot on the clipboard so you can simply paste it into the note, in the Mac App. Cannot paste it in with the Safari-Evernote webpage, no matter what I've tried. KWL
  2. Heather, Thanks for a quick reply. How about other windows? Other browsers? Thanks, KWL
  3. Folks, Other screen capturing products I've used allow me to capture an entire window of content even when the window extends below the viewable screen by electing "Capture Scrolling Window". These products capture the entire window by automatically scrolling down and capturing as it goes. The final product is a capture of the entire window top to bottom. There are several and the captures all look quite good (no missing bits from the scroll action). Will Skitch do this? How? Thanks, KWL
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