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  1. I agree to an extent. I don't know if it's strictly limited to the device, but I do think from the get go, they realized nested notebooks would not play well across all the platforms. Yes, nothing new here to see. Easily done with tags - has been discussed at great length already on the board. Pretty much anything can be erroneous do to human error. Even putting something in the wrong folder or misspelling a file name. EN's focus is not a file management system. It's an information collection, organization & retrieval tool. I understand that evernote is a collection tool for data. I could send emails out of evernote to gmail and put time sensitive dates on a gcal calendar, I could replicate a folder structure in Dropbox or on my system locally with automatic backups then use logmein to retrieve data if I am not near my system. A lot of replicating of work that could be solved by nesting in evernote if you ask me. I don't care if they ever implement nesting, I was saying it would be a nice bonus. As far as GTD goes, I do tag with months and days and years, over and over again. Dropping them all in a notebook with that information and then one big massive group tag would be a nice plus. If one wishes to use a type of tickler file then one needs to tag for future dates as well. The big plus for me is the OCR engine in evernote and the ability to grab anything on my computer, create projects, forward emails to evernote, use my phone or iPad to capture something and have it all sync. As I was tagging and organizing I said to myself, am I painting myself into a corner with a proprietary system and this is why I chimed in.
  2. I really like Evernote and yet I am with the we need to be able to nest more notebooks crowd. As a photographer I am very aware of the power of tags or keywords and use them. I am an OCD paperless scanning machine I HATE PAPER and scan anything that is important straight to Evernote. One of my biggest problems is that I would like to keep financial information in a notebook named by year. Something like Travel then inside 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, you get the idea. Inside those years are other notebooks named for whatever works for me. I find it fast to drill down to the year of the thing I am looking for and eventually delete the entire notebook in one fell swoop when I no longer need it. I do tag notes with dates but it can be laborious and prone to my human error. Not having a folder tree makes the whole Evernote way of doing things very proprietary and would prevent me from migrating to another system in the future unless the tags are written into the metadata and can be read by another program. Evernote is great to capture ideas as the come flooding into the brain and boy to I have a lot of flooding. I use as much GTD workflow technique as I can before procrastination sets in, I get it so to speak. As a file management system it is not perfect and calls for some creative thinking to make it work rather than a boring old fashioned parent/child file structure. Why can't we have it both ways and to each his own? Don't get me started on the inability to sync with a calendar ;-D Ciao
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