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  1. Problem: When I try to scroll the note to the right EN does not respond, when I try to scroll to the left, EN swipes to the home screen, if I try to scroll down and immediately to the right it scrolls to the right just a bit then it stops, I keep trying and 90% of the times EN swipes to the home screen, again and again very irritating because I can never get to scroll all the way to the right like I did before on the previous version. I'm using the HTC EVO on sprint. Another user described the same issue I am having, I depend on the app. heavily and I CAN NOT use this app. any longer as it is impossible to move around my notes, all my notes are screen shoots and contain pictures & text. Do you know how long until this navigation problem is resolved ? Is there a way to install the previous version until you fix this problem? Thank you.
  2. Great UI With the new update, but scowling is no longer possible... I cannot move around my "note", only up or down seems responsive, trying to scroll to the right on the note brings up the main menu, scowling to the left nothing happens.. made this app. not usable as it stands. Please make that feature operate again. Thanks !
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