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  1. Thank you both. I've renamed the file and the sky hasn't fallen in - I'll delete it in a couple of weeks if nothing terrible happens.
  2. Hello, I've used Tools > Options and set a new Evernote Local Files folder outside my Windows profile. I was expecting that the original .exb in C:\Users\thisismyname\AppData\Local\Evernote\Evernote\Databases would get deleted automatically, but it's still there after restarting Evernote. Is it safe to manually delete it? Thanks
  3. @xdelplanque - thanks for replying. Even though I have criticisms it's good to know Evernote are listening. But today was the first time I googled 'Evernote alternative' Your UI designers have completely misunderstood what haptic feedback is for. The clue is in the word feedback. It's there for when you wouldn't neccessarily know by sight or sound that you've correctly done something - so you can feel the buzz of a new message in a loud bar, or know that you've successfully entered a comma in poor lighting. But you don't need your phone to vibrate to tell you you've successfully opened/closed the Evernote home page. So telling me to turn off a useful phone feature to stop Evernote's useless annoyance is no kind of solution. I have to scroll down to see the Places option on the home page. Even though there should be plenty of room, if it wasn't for the ridiculous amount of space given over to buttons like Snapshot or Audio. As for the hardware menu. Well, I don't really care if some other phone doesn't have that button. Mine does, and the old version of Evernote made good use of it. You didn't reply to my other points, especially the poor navigation between notebooks, so I guess that means we're stuck with it, yes?
  4. I don't like the update at all. Particular irritations are: it's now harder to jump from one notebook to another the annoying vibration when you slide to open/close the home page the huge screenspace given over to note creation on the home page that means the note viewing options won't fit on the screen the icons that aren't spaced correctly the hardware menu button doesn't work How can I get the previous version back?
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