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  1. This is exactly what happened to me. I had deleted something and didn't notice it for a few weeks. Why not give people the ability to avoid having to use the note histories at all when such a simple thing as a read-only flag would solve it once and for all?
  2. Hi, I'd like to propose a feature for all Evernote platforms: Let us toggle a read-only attribute on notes. Let me explain why: I use Evernote to keep lists of customers, email addresses, etc. and other stuff that rarely needs to be changed. Sometimes, I will highlight those bits of text to copy/paste into another window. However, I occasionally hit a key on the keyboard which replaces all of the highlighted text in the note. If I don't notice this, the changes get synced and I lose the data that used to be there (admittedly my own mistake). If you could right-click on notes and toggle a read-only checkbox or something similar, that would make Evernote much more robust for storing things that you never want to accidentally change like doctor info, email addresses of friends, or whatever. Also, if you think about how many things you clip/copy/paste into a note that never again need to be edited, it just makes sense to be able to lock the content to prevent edits. Overall, I think a read-only feature would make Evernote even more useful for storing long-term info. Thanks!
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