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  1. Hi everyone, I'm using version I think I find a bug with the "Save attachment" option. I have replicated on 3 different PCs with the same release and get the same result. When selecting multiple notes and try to save it on your PC as attachment it doesn't save anything on the PC. Can anyone replicate the same problem on their system and confirmed or not if this is only me or we all have the same problem? Thanks
  2. Just upgraded to 8.0.3 EN still asking me to enter my iTunes password. I'm on iPhone7Plus. Same problem for my wife on iPhone6sPlus.
  3. I have the same problem here on my iPhone7s+ and my wife as the same on her iPhone6s+. It keeps asking us to enter our iTunes password. And you're right when you wrote that hitting on "cancel" doesn't make any difference. can this being fixed asap please??
  4. How come we can't disable the google drive integration?? If I want to just be able to see a link instead of the thumbnails surely I should be able to do it. We have the possiblitiy to display PDF as a thumbnails or just as a attachement. Can you we an option similiar to PDF like this: Why not having "Allow google drive link displayed as a link" ? Can someone from Evernote Dev team tell me if there is a plan for this? Can't we not opt out from the Google Drive integration??
  5. Can someone tell me how to show google drive links as a link rather than as a thumbnails inside a note? Is there an option somewhere to disable the google drive integration?
  6. I just received an email from Evernote asking me to install Evernote_6.2.6.3383 version to see if it does fix the problem. I have installed it and will see if we still have the permission issue. As I mentioned on my Ticket# 1774397 this version do not seem to fix the notebook renaming issue (any notebook name change does not apply on my other EN Business collaborators windows client but does apply on their respective EN Web account). Can this being look at as well please?
  7. Just created now 5 new notebooks (EN Business - EN Windows Client v. Before I sync my EN Windows client I can access ("Edit") the new 5 notebooks (all empty notebooks) When I sync EN Windows client the 5 notebooks permission get set to "view only" when the sync is finished. Checking EN Web Admin Console the 5 new notebooks have "Edit and Invite" permission at that moment. EN Windows Client has "view" only. In EN Web I change the permission to "view" then revert back to "Edit and Invite" for the 5 newly notebooks. Sync EN Windows Client -> Problem resolved. I can access (Edit) the new 5 notebooks.
  8. Sure @gazumped Ticket# 1774397 The person looking at my case sent me yesterday an EN Beta version build to address this issue (Evernote_6.2.5.3324.exe) Unfortunately it did not fix the issue. I created a newly notebook after installing the above version and sync EN. Before syncing I could access the new notebook. After syncing the notebook permission was set to "view" only. And there is still an issue with notebook renaming. My EN Business collaborators can't see the notebook that has been renamed.
  9. I have the same problem here. I have already open a ticket for it. I have a total of 110 notebooks on my EN Business I just had now 84 notebooks that was set to "view" only when on EN Web I have "Edit and invite" access setup on each one of them. This problem has started since the last EN Windows Client update. Two users of my EN Business have the same problems too. On a daily basis random notebooks on which they have "edit" permissions setup on EN Web have "view" only applied to their local EN Windows Client. Another issue since the last EN Windows Client update is the notebook name change do not apply on other EN Business users local client. I can see the name has changed on EN Web but this doesn't cascade down their local EN Windows client. Looking at their respective account from EN Web the notebook names have been applied successfully. When looking my other PCs which has EN Windows client install the notebook names changed do not apply on my other PCs. As I wrote above I do have a Ticket open for this. The workaround I have applied temporally to fix this is so is the following: Log on to EN Web Admin Console Go to "Notebooks" sections Ticked the box next to "Actions" -> This select my entire 110 notebooks. Click on "Actions" then "Share" Make sure all notebooks selected have "Can edit and invite" permissions setup. Add in the field "Search by name or email" my name Click on Share. When done I go back to EN Windows Client and sync. All permissions have been reapplied and I can "Edit and invite" again on my 110 notebooks. I would like to mentioned that I am the only Admin of my EN Business account.
  10. New Bug found. When changing the option for "Maximum number of recent notebooks" (Under: Tools/Options/Navigation/Notebooks related options) Let's say you change the option from 3 to 5 notebooks. When you close EN and reopen it reverts back the number to 3 (Default). Can someone could replicate this and confirm? Thanks.
  11. Had this problem for a long time too.. Will be good if this bug could be fixed.
  12. I'm not sure the reason behind moving the location of the database but I have a small problem with this. I have EN Business and all the database of my Employees are located on a special partition I created for our business laptop (Drive Z). This particular drive is an SSD drive with sufficient space to hold the (40Go plus) of our database. C drive space is only for softwares (and not data) and has limited space size. Moving the database to the C drive is a problem for our business (Not enough space due the the size of our EN Business database). I'm not sure but when upgraded to Beta 6.2.2 EN can we have the option to opt out of the database move location? I've just tested this Beta version on my Work PC and I did not see any possibility to prevent the move when the dialogue pops up.
  13. Can you tell me why this haven't been look into? I mean the Auth_Token that last only 1h on EN Business when the EN Personal account is 1 year?!? Looking here on Evernote Dev sites it says: Authentication tokens issued by UserStore.authenticateToBusiness are only valid for one hour (as opposed to OAuth tokens, which are good for a full year). This means that your app will frequently need to re-authenticate with Evernote Business using the longer-lived OAuth token. Since the business authentication tokens are so short-lived, it's very probable that your app will encounterEDAMUserException with the AUTH_EXPIRED error code when trying to call a business API; ensure that your code accounts for this condition. EN Business users will make modifications on a more important scale than a EN Personal users. I am running a shop and this is just a small business. All our info (client, products, etc) are store on Evernote. Just moving 700 notes which are 700 products note info to one notebook to another and sync this generate an "EDAMUserException: errorCode=AUTH_EXPIRED parameter="authenticationToken". If I tag 600 notes while being offline, modify 200 notes titles and create new 150 notes and set my laptop back online I get this problem! Why not having a pop up window warning the user of the problem? Why let the EN Client make all these changes if it can't handle it? This to me doesn't make sense. How can I now send back all these notes spread across 3 different EN Client and PCs back to the server? EN Support ask me to re-download all notes down to my PCs but this will result having notes out of date/sync for the past weeks when the update's once are all store locally accross 3 different PCs and they are note all the same notes on the 3 PCs. Do you understand my problem here? Because EN Support team do not seem to get it so far. The notes I do not want to use are actually on the server. These notes are all out of dates. This is my problem.
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