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  1. When Evernote syncs, it notifies me using Growl. This is sometimes annoying because I have some scripts that will generate multiple notifications at once, including an Evernote sync, and the Growl notification goes on top of the other one. Is there a way to make Evernote generate its notifications through OS X. I do not see anything in the EN preferences. I am on OS X Mavericks.
  2. I have a major feature proposal for Evernote that I assume has occurred to others. If the developers don't plan to implement something similar, I am hoping that someone can point me to another app that has this feature. I currently use Apple's Keynote to maintain a large list of 'cheat sheets' for various technical tasks-- math and programming mostly. I find the free-form placement of information to be essential. While I find that this system works, Keynote is not designed for this purpose and it shows. I've now got about 50 slides and its an increasing pain to navigate them. I often have reams of information crammed into single slides, and it will take me a while to find what I'm looking for. On top of this, I have to keep Keynote in a space separate from that holding my work. What the system really needs is search-- if I can't remember Taylor's theorem or the correct syntax for string formatting in Python, I should be able to find that information immediately and have it pop up in a window in my working space. I once tried keeping this kind of info in Evernote for exactly this reason, but I found I didn't use it. The information was too fragmented for Evernote to provide a satisfying solution, and searching wasn't quick enough. It was easier just to go to my Keynote space and visually scan for the needed info. Since then, my machine has gotten faster and I've begun using Alfred to search Evernote. I now think that the speed of reference issues are resolved. But I would still miss the high level view that I get in Keynote. Thus I propose a new feature for Evernote: the ability to arrange individual notes on "maps" or "bulletin boards" in a similar fashion to the Keynote silde shown below. This feature would be purely grafted onto the current system. It is not as if a note would have a home map. It could be on as many or as few as one desired. This would have applications far beyond my needs. The ability to view aggregates of notes as a two dimensional whole would be a major step towards more flexible information representation. Linear lists, Evernote's current offering, just aren't that great. Thoughts? Suggestions for other apps that might serve this purpose? EXAMPLE MAP:
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