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  1. I'm looking forward to the fix soon. I was using my iphone for the first couple of years with Evernote and when I switched to my Note5 last year everything was working well. But I have noticed recently the scan quality is unuseable. I had a Nexus5X running the same version of Android and same version of Evernote and did not experience the same thing on the Nexus. It feels like the Evernote camera captures the image while it is adjusting the focus, no matter if I tap on the screen to select a focus or if I let it autofocus. I can't find a way to turn that off or adjust that. I look f
  2. Xapp1 - The Web version of Evernote only displays the personal notebooks if you're looking at a personal note or business notebooks if you are looking at a business note. I would love the ability to move notes from personal notebooks (like my inbox) into business notebooks in the Web version of Evernote. I've led my team to using Evernote for pretty much everything. We're moving to Chromebooks because there are a certain set of features on Chromebooks that make them a great solution for our company. I realize Chromebooks aren't for everyone, but they are perfect for what we're tryi
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