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  1. I received an automatic response email, so I know that they did receive it. But I have also responded to that multiple times and still have received nothing but that first auto-response. I have tried other venues in support and still nothing. I am glad to hear that the folks that replied here at the forum have not had the problem that I had. But it definitely happened to me. Does anyone know where the actual note data itself is stored on an android phone? If it is on the SD card I might be able to recover it, unless Evernote re-writes it when you reinstall the software.
  2. I reset my HTC EVO 4G due to it locking up and re-installed Evernote. Now ALL of my notes (approx between 20 or 30) have totally disappeared both on the phone and on Windows. I have been adding this VERY IMPORTANT info for quite some time now have depended on android Evernote (and the alleged Windows backup) to guide me through many personal and business projects. Suddenly, it is all gone. And here is the best part...I have tried repeatedly to contact Evernote on this and have been TOTALLY IGNORED! Beware...the product and the company are not what they claim to be. They have wasted a ton of my time and efforts with their so-called promises of "security", "quality" and "professional concern for their customers". BEWARE, THERE IS NO SUPPORT NOR CONCERN FOR THEIR CUSTOMERS!
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