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  1. Hi i am facing same problem & scouting for help. I am dependent on Penultimate. I have written to Evernote.
  2. Hi Scott ! Thanks for your reply which was very helpful.i think I will keep one note book Penultimate & will organise notes in Penultimate notebook in Evernote. Being a premium Evernote member the note capacity is 200 mb whereas Notebook has unlimited capacity. I only have to be alert that if the note hits 195 mb I should create a new note. I was wondering just as I can export notes as .PDF or .PEN format can I export notebook also.
  3. Hi Scott ! Thanks for the trouble of replying which gives me a comfort level. I rechecked and I do not have 2 accounts. The notes & notebook has appeared in Evernote as synced after hearing from you. Now the synced has 3 of my note book appearing on Evernote separately out of that 1note book is Penultimate contains general notes & 2 other note books contain specific notes. I want all note book to be in One Note book Penultimate but separately in Penultimate application so that it is convenient for me to locate in Evernote. Secondly as I can export notes as .PDF .PEN , is there a possibility of exporting notebook. You expert advise is solicited
  4. Hi Ygourvrn, I did experience the same problem. I did restore all my notes from DropBox where I exported .PEN format
  5. Hi Scott ! Thank for your advise but I was unable to follow as because when I visited Evernote website I found that out of my 7 notes & 3 notebook only 3 notes were synchronised and that too one week old. Unless the total contents are synchronised and appear in Evernote I am unable to proceed with your advise which I am eager for. I have written to Evernote support in the sync issue, however if you could help me I will be grateful
  6. Hi Scott I will be grateful if you could let me know how to move notes from ne notebook to another
  7. Thank you jamie_c. Your advise was very helpful. My handwritten notes vanished from Pen ultimate & also Evernote but after reading your blog dated 02-Feb-2015 I was able to restore all my notes from Backup. The notes were restored in a separate note book automatically created by Penultimate on my iPad Air with IOS 8.3. How do I move the restrored notes to original note book. I tried for answer in Evernote Help & Support but could not find one. You may reply to piyushbhartia@usa.net. Thanks a ton
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