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  1. By the way, on my iMac where Evernote is installed as well I don't have any problems, tagging works as expected.
  2. Oh no, I get this: Fatal error Cannot redeclare ___() in home/vhosts/corp/inc/globals.php on line 4 When I open: http://evernote.com/intl/de/contact/support/index.php
  3. Maybe it helps: Evernote Version 3.1.0 (246062) > Mac OS
  4. I still have the problem, no auto completion. Screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hrs5mykm7w7gh8j/Screenshot.png
  5. Definitely attached a screenshot to the original post... where is it?
  6. Hello, All of a sudden Evernote does not auto complete entered tags anymore. Doesn't matter if I want to tag an old note or a new one. As you can see on the screenshot I created a new note and started tagging with co... You see that I have a few tags starting with co but I get not offered any of them while typing. Please help, Regards, Marc
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