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  1. Hi. I have been reading the excellent new iBook from David Sparks on going paperless and I think I'm close to having a workflow that will automate this for me. My workflow is: Scan post/documents (possibly with OCR) -> Hazel places into relavant folder -> move to Evernote. So far easy enough however, given I can analyse the scan using Hazel I want to be able to send to Evernote with relevant tags already added. So my question is does anybody know how I can add tags using a script and then send to Evernote? Alternatively I suppose I could try and automatically email the document to Evernote with tags added in the usual way but I'm not sure how I'd add these tags to the subject line. Has anybody tried a solution like this. Strikes me that this "self filing" solution would be paperless nirvana! Thanks in advance.
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