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  1. Every time I exit the app, and then re enter it, it doesn't bring me to the HOME SCREEN. Rather it brings me to the last window that was open? Is this suppose to happen? Normal behavior? If so, why call it a home screen if it won't be the 1st things I see when I open the app? Thank you. Just my opinion, but: Old UI was simpler. Wish they could make this new version more user friendly, and something that would require less button presses. I kinda miss the old UI. Hoping for a great update soon.
  2. I don't know if I am the only one experiencing this but every time I exit the app using the android back button... then I try to launch the app again...it doesn't go to the new Home scree. Rather it goes to what was previously open, Note/Notebook/Places even I pressed the back button and went through the HOME SCREEN to exit. Hope what I am mentioning is clear enough. Thanks. Hope it gets resolved with an update and also the double back required to exit from a shortcut launched tag list. Thanks.
  3. Getting out of the app requires 2 back buttons now instead of one, from what I recall. If I have a shortcut in my Android home screen that leads to a list of notes with a certain tag, viewing is no problem, but exiting requires 2 presses of the back button. Didn't it only require 1 in the past. Hope this gets fixed.
  4. When ever I close my evernote app using the usual Back button until the app disappears, and then I try to open it again using the widget or the regular Evernote icon, I go to the one of the pages on the right, such as NOTEBOOK, or NOTES, or PLACES, not the default home page which is where I want to be taken. Am I the only one experiencing this?
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