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  1. I agree. There is no reason to expect anything new from Evernote since it doesn't interact with suggestions on its discussions board. That's one reason I'm looking around for an alternative that includes a deeper hierarchy than stack/notebook/notes. I've been looking at Notion.so ...which has some interesting features including the kind of hierarchy I'm looking for. But it's still new, slow to load, doesn't handle offline conditions well (though it acknowledges user requests and says it is working on improvements to offline use), and it doesn't yet have a content clipper for Safari or the
  2. "...in the Evernote environment"... as it is, that is. For organization of notes and information, users can benefit from both. It's not an either/or choice, and tags DO NOT replace notebook hierarchy in information organization. "The Evernote environment" has undergone many changes and improvements over the years. There's nothing sacrosanct, nor deeply philosophical, about its current configuration. But hey, defend it all you want. I'm glad you're happy with it. I happen to need hierarchical notes. If Evernote doesn't want to provide that, I'll find it another product/service that will
  3. Well, it's not like Evernote's software engineers are volunteers. Every improvement takes work, and everything technical can be described as almost impossible by someone who doesn't want to do it. Changes on the back end that require changes on the front end are why software companies publish updates. It's done all the time.
  4. BTW, for anyone who might be interested, here's an interesting review of the Notion app by a 10-year Evernote user: "I switched to Notion for a week... Here's what happened!"
  5. A decent review page of 2019 alternatives to Evernote, including several with nested hierarchies of folders. See: "The 10 Best Note-Taking Apps in 2019 – Evernote, Notion, and More" https://collegeinfogeek.com/best-note-taking-apps/
  6. Kludgy proposed solution, but nice try for those who want to stay within this one dimensional notes product.
  7. Nested is 'legacy'??? Tags hardly suffice as a replacement. Tags are legacy. But keep on defending Evernote. I really don't care. I'm leaving because of its actual legacy design.
  8. Would your preference be disturbed by Evernote adding a feature you don't personally use? No.
  9. What database browser do you use? Jeez, if that's all there is to it, then there's even less reason for Evernote not to upgrade its product.
  10. I agree with you. It's too bad, too. Evernote has a lot of good features, and I've relied on it for years. It will be a job to get all my notes re-located, but it'll have to be done if I want to take my notes and clippings to the next level of organization and usefulness.
  11. So, your source for your opinions is the opinions of other commenters, not from Evernote itself; which means you don't really know what Evernote's initial design architecture was, only that it didn't include stacks, which we knew already, hence these years of requests. The gist of your excuse for the company is, "It would be REALLY hard to do." But you don't know how hard, exactly, since you don't know the code's design except for what other commenters, also not from Evernote, have speculated. In short, you're talking through your hat. Which is your right. But your opinion, by your own ad
  12. I just scanned this topic, hoping to learn that at some point Evernote decided to implement the ability to place stacks within stacks. It's a basic information-organization request. I must say that Evernote has lost my patience and, further, my good will in continuing to renew my subscription to this software/product. I will be migrating my data to another platform before the next renewal payment is due. I find it inexcusable, the cavalier attitude Evernote has displayed in responding to YEARS of sincere and polite requests from its users for this very basic feature.
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