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  1. Metrodon, I'm looking over Confluence now. Looks like it's aimed at IT folks, but might have the capability we need. JMichael, we are using track changes and change logs already, but when we have a conference call to review someone's changes/work it still very awkward to work on separate versions and then to re-combine them. I wish we didn't have to use Word Docs for this, but we were given 1,000 pages of material already organized/formatted for Word so we're trying to make the best of it. Thanks everyone for the feedback and suggestions. Tim
  2. Thanks for the quick reply Gazumped, very helpful. Are you, or anyone else, aware of tool/program that is both affordable for non-profits and built around enabling this kind of collaboration?
  3. Hi all, I think this is simple question with a quick answer. I've run a few searches, but I must be using the wrong search terms. I'm working with a non-profit on a project where we're all in different locations. We already have a large amount of our work in Word documents. Before I purchase our premium group account I'm trying to confirm that we'll be able to store all of our Word documents in a Group notebook, access these documents from PC/Mac clients and have the local changes reflected in the cloud version of the document. If someone could confirm this or point me to documentation that confirms this ability that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Tim
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