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  1. I am able to apply formatting (bold/italic/colour) to Notebook titles as displayed in the left hand pane (on Windows). It would be visually useful if similar formatting was available for Notebook Stack names
  2. Android Presentation Mode would probably encourage me to upgrade from Plus to Premium subscription...
  3. If I've needed to create a PDF of an Evernote note, I've just chosen the Print option and selected an PDF printer driver from my PC (e.g. Nitro PDF). However, I'm not sure what I would do if I was using my Android tablet... It would be good to extend the Export options to have a "Export as PDF" option.
  4. @Karol_1978 - EverDoIt sounds/looks interesting. But it also appears to be an Apple app... Shame, there are plenty of Android users who would be intersted in this. Any chance of an Android version of EverDoIt ?
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