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  1. Mike P - Thnbks for picking up on that !!! I hadn't spotted that one - is iot another shortcut that's not in the "official" EN list on the website?
  2. Glad it's not only me puzzled by this. STOP PRESS - just discovered by trial and error that the alt + left arrow and alt _ right arrow that perform the backward and forward moves that can be done using the arrows at the top left hand corner of the screen (above your account name)... so don't take that Help & Learning Centre article on shortcuts as gospel yet!
  3. Browsing the table of shortcut keys available (https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209004807-Keyboard-shortcuts-in-Evernote-for-Windows), I was pleased to find rthat there's a shortcut to "Set focus to note list" (Ctrl + Alt + \). Next to that combination there are entries for "Move back" (Ctrl + [) and "Move forward" (Ctrl + ]). However, I can't figure out what exactly these shortcuts are meant to do. What exactlty is meant to be moved back or forward? Please can someone shed some light on my befuddled brain as to what the purpose of these shortcuts is? Having tried them
  4. Yes - this "Evernote Helper" seems a bit lacklustre. The release notes seem to suggest it's capable of more, but ?
  5. In some ways I'm actually finding the new way of moving multiple notes better. In the Legacy version I regularly used to drag multiple notes but there have been times where I've not "released" them over the right notebook... so this lack makes up for my clumsiness 😉
  6. Ah - that's what I was trying to say about putting the focus in the note body - which selects the note ready to be edited.
  7. I'm using the v10.2.4 version [desktop PC with Windows 10 Home edn] and the Insert button works just fine. Just put the focus in the note body, the + button becomes active and you can select the various insert options.
  8. This feature IS included in the current Android v10 Beta - so if the intention is that EN should look as similar as possible across all platforms it would seem the Windows v10 version needs to be brought in line
  9. Hi CalS - Thanks for the suggestion re AutoHotKey - I may take a look at that and see if it's something I can use.
  10. Hi Dave-from-Decatur - Yes same dare/time controls in the Web client and the Windows v10.1.7 version. The half hour setting isn't a problem for me personally - I'm just using the reminder to flag notes on specific days, the time isn't critical/ It puzzles me that the date/time controls for editing the Date Created in the Note Info window are different. There you can specify the time in minutes.
  11. Setting Reminders and marking them as done is an important part of my workflow. It would be good if there was a shortcut that would open up the Add/edit Reminder window, rather than having to move the mouse to the bottom of the screen and find the icon to click; I see this as a usability improvement. Also - when editing a reminder, it would also be helpful if you could navigate between the buttons and around the calendar picker using tab.cursor keys /
  12. To expand on this problem, in the first screen shot (ENv10 Note List 1.png), I;ve selected the second note in the list ("Garage Sort") which is displayed in the Note pane where it shows it was last updated on Oct 20th 2020. In the Note List [ane, the creation date is shown as "18 hours ago", but this screen shot was taken before 15:00 on 20th Oct, so 18 hours ago is actually 19th October. In the second screen shot (ENv10 Note List 2.png) you can see the Note Info for the selected note which shows that I had already edited the Note Creation Date to become 21st October. So the date sh
  13. Again, I feel this is one of those things which slows down my workflow having got used to being able to start typing the title in the body of the note and getting the Tile foield auto-populated. I then had the option to edit what went in the title and/or extend the first line of the note body, rather than having to select/copy/paste
  14. Hi Mike P and agsteele - Yes, I saw that "ToC-style" notes could still be created - but having been so used to having a menu option for it, it feels like I'm being slowed down in the process. I like the flexibility just wondered why the old option isn't available as well? "There are several threads which deal with this." - that may be, but it's difficult to find commonality between threads. I hope EN staff are doing work behind the scenes to consolidate the issues being raosed/ Overall I'm liking v10, but feel slightly frustrated by the missing options/short cuts from the Legacy ve
  15. In the Legacy version you could select multiple notes and then click "Create Table of Contents" and get a note copntaining the internal note links to your selecvted notes / This option seems t have been omitted from v10 - please can we have it back?
  16. In the legacy version, when you started a new note, the first line typed where it says "Start writing....Template" used to auto-populate the Title field of the note. Mow it doesn't appear to do that, you have to copy/paste if you'v ebeen used to getting the Title auto-filled. Please can we have the auto-fill behaviour back?
  17. Yes - I think that's the case it seems to be a problem with "older" notes. It doesn't appear to happen in the Legacy version (I have installations of both 10.1 and 6.25 available) Correction it's not just an "old" notes thing, it's happening on notes I've created since installing v10
  18. Don't think it was possible to change reminder date on multi-selection in v6.25 (Legacy); it would be nice, but I think that's a new feature request.
  19. Thanks for enabling the ability to edit the note creation date in Note Info - that's an important part of my workflow. However, it seems that on editing the creation date in Note Info, the note title changes to "Untitled" even though there was a title there and the title field hasn't been touched. If this isn't spotted, you end up with a note titled "Untitled" - not helpful
  20. At 17:26 on Friday Oct 16th I have a note in my "This Week" notebook which in the Note Info shows that: it was updated at 09:10AM on Fri 16rh Oct - correct! it now has a creation date of Sat 17th Oct @ 09:02 (as a result of the recorded update) - correct! However, in the Note list, the creation date for the note is shown as "15 hours ago", i.e. 02:26 Fri 16th Oct.... -NOT Correct!!! I think there's a bug in the how the creation date is displayed - is there a time-zone issue or something?
  21. Thanks Dave-in-Decatur. Having hot the update I expected to be able to click on the "About" option I the Menu and see more detail about the new version - or at least a link to more info. I found the forum post you cited just before I read your post by doing a Google search on "Evernote v10.1". Just thought EN would make these updates more public.
  22. I got a notification that there was an update while using v10.0.1. Update installed and I'm now using v10.1/4 build 1880. It's a shame that the "release Notes" aren't clear as to what has changed, BUT you can now edit the Note Info!!! which means you can edit the Date Note Created field wgich is a major element in my workflow. That means I canm now make more use of the new version without having to switch over to the v6.25 install for that feature.
  23. AdmiralP

    Not syncing

    The sync on the Android Beta seems to have cleared. I uninstalled and reinstalled the Beta a couple of times and then left it for most of the day and when I looked at it in the evening it had finally synce and was in line with my desktop client. So far it seems to be working OK - taking a bit of getting used to the new layout, etc... Seems a bit slow on initial load and displaying the initial view of "All Notes"
  24. AdmiralP

    Not syncing

    Android beta v10 (1105748) Installed OK, looks good in terms of displaying etc BUT it's not syncing The android beta reports 5892 notes in "All Notes", but my Windows desktop client reports 5445 - this probably represents the fact that earlier in the week I did a "purge" of some old/redundant notes... Similarly my android beta InBox note count is 39, but my Windows desktop clients reports 44 I am 100% confident that the Windows client is reporting correctly. I have tried the "Sync Bow" option in the android beta, but the arrows just keep going round and round.. Thi
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