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  1. I agree with Mike P, this second file attachment works fine - downloaded, viewable via PDF readers, and able to be attached to EN v10 - no problems. I note that the first link you provided to the file has "%20" instead of the space characters in the filename, while the second link shown has a visible spaces. So does EB c10 not like %20 usage ?
  2. Very puzzling. I have notes created in the Legacy version with PDF attachments that open fine in v10, as well as being able to add PDFs to notes in v10. As agsteele says, Adobe Acrobat thinks the file has been corrupted in some way and is not a valid format - see rhe full error message I get (attached as .png image and as PDF file. EDIT - I'm wondering if there could be some issue with the space characters that appears as "%20" in the file name attachment abpve, but as jus "20" with no "%" when Adobe Acrobat reports the error...? EN PDS attacch failure.pdf
  3. Just wondering if other users are experiencing problems with the Created Dates" being displayed in the Note List?
  4. I suspect the OP means "Notebooks" rather than "folders". The column headed "Lokalizacia" - i.e. "Location" should show the Notebook the note is found in, shouldn't it?
  5. Agreed - if a notebook is in the Shortcuts section and you remove the last note from the notebook, the count doesn't decrease to zero. Definitely an annoying little bug!
  6. Hi DMiddleton - In your list you have Screen Capture Ctrl + Alt + S in version 10.2 onwards What also works is Ctrl+Alt+H which brings up the EN Helper window for creating a Quick Note; at the bottom left of the window is a "screen" icon whuich whn clicked brings up the screen region select cursor which creates a note containing the grabbed region. Just thought I'd mention that alternative.
  7. Thanks for clarifying that for me. As I don't use the cards or snippets view I wasn't aware of that difference in the menu. It looks like it's the Cards view where the effect is most noticeable - it looks like there is a "default blank line£ for each of the options (show images/text/tagsreminders) that have been turned off. May not be a simple fix.
  8. Aha! Well spotted! I have just experimented with this in the latest v10.3.7 release that appeared on my PC this morning and moving the single note in a folder to anther notebook correctly updates the original location's count to zero. Perhaps this was a fix between 10.3.6 and 10.3.7?
  9. Seems that at present (at least), all 3 panes remain visible and that both the note list and note panes have a minimum non-zero width. Perhaps the expected re-introduction of the "Top List" view may help resolve this?
  10. No problem - U think we're all getting used to how EB v10 works. Due to the core nature of the new version, some aspects don't function as we may have been used to; it may be different, but v10 is certainly usable.
  11. This is a useful resource. It's a pity that the unstructured nature of the forum makes it difficult to keep track of particular issues, and also leads to duplication as people raise issues without realising that it's already been recorded by someone else. Obviously it's disappointing that that EN v10 doesn't have all the features of the "Legacy" version, but to be honest I'm getting to like it more and more. The immediate syncing works well for me and I certainly wouldn't call it "unusable£ as some posters have. Personally I haven't detected any slowness.
  12. Puzzled by the example screenshots. In v10.3.6, the View Options icon has the menu shown in my attached screenshot - with Note List View options and Columns option; no "Note Preview" options. How did you get to the menu in your examples. Also, it is possible to re-size the sidebar, note list and note panes by dragging on the vertical edhge separating them.
  13. Note counts work OK for me - when moving notes berween notevooks and when dleting a note
  14. Not certain what the issue is here? Entering a word in the Search field brings up a list of notes which contain the searched for text if the word is in the title it's highlighted in the note list and in the nite pabe will be highlighted within the text body as well. The highlights reman (I think) until a new search is made or a particular notebook is selected from the notebook list. If you have a highlighted note in the search results list, double-clicking it in the list opens it in a new window without the highlights...
  15. Yes - drag and drop was previously working for single notes only *(you couldn't drag and drop multiple selection of notes). At least there are still other ways of moving notes.
  16. Regarding point number 2 "My screenshot hot-key is gone." in your list of issues Use ctrl+alt+H to bring up the Evernpte Helper to bring up the Quick Note window; at the bottom left of this window there's a "scree" icon, click on that to geta screen clipper cursor to allow you to clip the screenshot you want and ut'll create a Note of that clip for you.
  17. Yes - the feature cab now be turned on/off in the View menu. Thanks for this. I'd suggest this request can now be archived.
  18. Agreed - thanks for bringing this back - and making it optional through the View menu. The earlier request should now be archived
  19. It's a useful tool. Takes some getting used to - if you find yourself with a checklist, you can remove it by going to the "More" dropdown and unclicking the Checklist option , you can then select the text you want to add a checkbox to... Or at the end of your checkbox line press ctrl+enter - that doesn't create a checklist after the initial checkbox Perhaps not wholly intuitive - rather than placing a checkbox at the start when you add some text, you need to add the checkbox after you've out your text in (I think( BUT - it's a bug because it doesn't follow the same process
  20. ??? I'm running EN c10.2.4 (1949) on a Windows 10 Home version 2004 PC - not experiencing that problem - Word .docx files iopen IK and ODFs are cembedded...
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