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  1. @gazumped - thanks for the feedback. Sounds like we're both trying to work along simuilar lines. I shall "play" a bit more with Event Noted, but I think you're right - it's not quite the solution. I like the idea of using the Outlook EN Clipper to put meetings/appointments into EN - I hadn't thought of doing that; thanks for the tip! I can see that when you initiate the clip, EN gives you the facility to amend the title, tag the note and specify which Notebook it should go into - that;s good. Now, as I said before, if only there was a utility which allowed you to create an Outlook Task from one of your EN notes, giving the Outlook Task a start date so that it appears in your Outlook To Do list on the right day; you can then slot it into your calendar for that day at the time you anticipate dealing with the task. And when the task is complete you can check it off in the Outlook To Do list (v satisfying!) So I'm +1 with you to Santa to get one of his elven-developers to produce a solution...
  2. @gazumped - I've just started experimenting with Event Noted. Like you say it doesn't cater for UK format dates, i.e. 3/11 which to me = 3rd November is treated by Event Noted as March 3rd - and it sticks the event into my Google calendar on March 11th 2012. (Not even thinking it should be a forthcoming date of March 11th 2013...) That's not too much of a problem for me as I title my Evernote notes with a date in the format YYYY-MM-DD when I know when they are relevant, so I can see them in date order in Evernote List view, giving me a "diary/agenda" list within Evernote. And Ever Noted seems to work with these just fine. However if you want to get these Evernote/EventNoted notes/events into you Outlook Calendar, things aren't too clevcer. Event Noted sets up its own Eventnoted. calendar within your Google Calendar to place the Evernote events. It then suggests using Google Calendar Sync to sync your Google Calendar with yor Outlook calendar. BUT - Google Calendar Sync only works with your primary Google calendar, and the EN events are in the Eventboted. calendar... 88sigh!888 so close, but not close enough In truth what I would really like as a solution from someone is to be able to update my Evernote Notes with a due date in the title then create an Outlook Task on the relevant day that then gives me the flexibility to schedule the task (ex-EN note) where I want and to tick it off in Outlook when complete My philosophy is that I might know which day I'm going to action this Task but it might not be until the day before that I;m ready to schedule a time for it. And when it's scheduled in Outlook, I run Google Calendar Sync to sync my Outlook Calendar with my primary Google Calendar and can use Meshin Calendar app to see my agenda - and if only the EN link from the original Task could be included in the Outlook Task and Event, life would be wonderful Just a few rambling thoughts, hoping one day we'll have an all-singing, all-dancing way of integrating Evernote notes and Calendar apps
  3. feat news - an Android version of Penultimate is planned.Looking forward to it.. Cpunt me in as a potential beta tester when it gets top that stage.
  4. On the positive side I do find the new look a great improvement - quite something when the previous version was pretty fine already! I especially appreciate the cleaner, easier-to-read format for notes, etc. It looks great on my phone. Hopefully version 5 will do a similar job for Android tablets.
  5. So, is there any chance that as a result of this jooining of forces between EN and Penultimate thatwe might see an Android version of Penultimate? Android tablets really need a good handwriting app and having something that integrates with Evernote would really be great.
  6. Not sure I comprehend mcluff's suggestion about linking to tags... Is te suggestion that in Meshin, when you decide to ataach a note, you could specify a tag and then all notes with that tag would be linked? If the intention is to be able to attach multiple EN notes to one event in Meshin, then you could create 1 note that contains links to all the other related notes (usint the "Copy Note Link" feature). I'm liking Meshin Recall (see my comments in the calendar thread of Evernote for Android sub-forum) . I'd like to see a more filterable search when you use the "Attach Note" option.At present when I click "Attach Note" Meshin immediately scans for all the notes in the default notebook. Would itbe possible to allow the user to select a tag or something else before the scan starts?
  7. I've started to use Meshin Recall on my Android decices - Samsung Galaxy Ace phone and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 First thing I realised is that while Meshin can access your Google Calendar from either device, if you attach notes from Evernote to the Meshiin calendar on your phone, they won't be attached to the Meshin calendar on your tablet... I guess that would require some interaction between multiple installations. So it looks like I'll be using Meshin on one device only. (In fact I'm not sure if Mesgin was designed for tablets, but I might be wrong) Like the way you can attach notes from Evernote to your calendar events (this seems more straightforward thanSnapCal which I've also tried out) after seeing both Meshin and SnapCal on the Evernote blog,) Like that you can move the event in your Google calendar and the attached note stays with it when it moves. . Now does moving the event in the Meshin calendar ripple back to your Google calendar? I'll have to try that out... So far Meshin seems to be the most appropriate approach to calendar integratio with Evernote. I don't think calendaring should be within EN, your EN notebooks document the tasks you need to perform and provide your decision base. Your calendar is your focus on what I am doing today, tomorrow, etc and you use info in your EN notes to determine hpw you should block the time out in your calendar.
  8. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 - I'd really appreciate a list view that's more compact than the large square thumbnail views that I see at present. Hopefully, as indicated by the Evernote for Android 4.0 Beta 4 thread we'll see a "more compact" list view on Android tablets soon. Thanks to all the EN ganf for continuing to enhance and develop this killer product
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