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  1. asteele -

    I can see your point if view. However, the ability to edit the Note Creation Date (and Time) was specifically added in v10.1 as I believe it is a feature that many EN users utilise. I don't believe there are or should be any restrictions on the value of the Date Created field - don't forget there is also the Date updated field .

    Looking through my notes, the bug exists for the period from midnight this morning up to the created time of the note - - if a note has a creation date of today and a creation time earlier than the current time then the "nn hours ago" is calculated incorrectly. If I set the creation date to the previous daym then the Creation date is displayed as the text "Yesterday" (inconsistently, creation dates of the next day aren't displayed as "Tomorrow").

    And looking through older notes where I had set the creation date those creations dates are being displayed correctly. The bug applies if the creation date is the current day...😦

  2. I mentioned this before after the ability to modify the Note Created date was introduced to v10 - there seems to be a bug in how the dates are displayed in the Note list.

    The attached image shows the note list of my !Next folder as it appears in the Legacy and v10.5.7 versions (screen captures taken approx 11:30am on Dec 28th)

    The Legacy version shows the date as dd/mm/yyyy  (UK format) and tomorrow's date is shown as "Tomorrow".

    In v10.5.7 the created dates for 30th and 31st December are shown as "Dec30" and "Dec 31" - I can live with this as it probably overcomes any different regional date formatting (e.g. dd/mm/yyy vs mm/dd/yyy  ).

    However, the 3 notes shown in the Legacy version with a date of "Tomorrow" appear in v10.5.7 very differently -

    Tomorrow (29th December) 009:02 appears as "21 hours ago"
    Tomorrow (29th December) 10:50 appears as "23 hours ago"
    Tomorrow (29th December) 20:01 appears as "Dec 29"

    Why don't all 3 "Tomorrow" dates appear as "Dec 29" ?

    Why do the first two dates appear as "nn hours ago" , suggesting dates in the past?
    The date/time these screenshots were taken was 29th December approx 11:30 - so the 3rd date/time is still in the future  while the first note was only 2.5 hours ago and the second only 40 minutes ago!

    It seems like the there is a calculation in the program code which for some reason attempts to determine if the created date is in the past and then gets it wrong (21 hours ago should probably be 3 and 23 hours should probably be 1)

    I'm not sure why the program is attempting to work out id the date is in the future or the past - I'd be quite happy to see those first two dates displayed as "Dec 29", but it is an annoying bug which ought ton be fixable.

    EN note list dates compare.png

  3. 2 hours ago, Alan Priest said:

    Obviously I can use the Web Clipper in the way that you suggest for capturing text from HTML webpages, and indeed I frequentlydo.  As an academic however, some of the things I want to store in Evernote are PDFs of articles in research journalswhich are online.  With the older version of Evernote I was able to choose to open these with Evernote and they would simply go into the default notebook.  This is the behaviour I would like to be reinstated, or have the ability to choose, rather than Evernote creating a separate notebook every time.  Incidentally, I am using Firefox for my browser.  I appreciate that I could save the file somewhere on my PC and then later use the right click context menu and do a "send to" Evernote but again, these are extra steps that I would like to avoid if possible.  Hope this makes sense  answers your question. Thank you for your response.

    Thanks for clarifying your usage. Evernote has always been so flexible in its use, thatb people have found different ways of utilising its capabilities.

    2 hours ago, gazumped said:


    Check your Clipper options - open Clipper and look at the bottom of the drop-down list - there are some related choices there...


    Thanks for reminding me that the clipper extension can be configured by right-clicking the icon on the browser and selecting "Options" - I had totally forgotten that yu could do that!

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  4. Can you clarify your workflow please?

    I'm running Windows 10 Home and using Chrome as my browser. If I'm browsing the web and find a document I'd like to save in Evernote. I use the Evernote Web Clipper extension in Chrome. I click on the link in the web page, which opens the document in the browser then use Clipper extension dialog window to specify the notebook I wish the document to be saved in and the note is created in the desired notebook (your default notebook is the default selection in the Clipper).

    You say you use the "Open With" option to import the document into Evernote - does that mean you've already downloaded the document to your PC and are uysing that option from File Explorer?

  5. Installed v10.4.3 this morning - installation ran through OK (I've been using v10 since it's first release and  updating with each new update) 
    Checked the new features (top list, etc) - seem OK'; noticed I had to reset the columns in my note list display, presumably because of the changes there (URL option, etc)

    Able to display content in my various notebooks, apart from one specific notebook - screen displays "we're having a problem - ret reloading rge page"
    First time I've encountered this problem.

    A sew reload attempts didn't work.

    the notes are still there - they can be seen from the "All Notes" view.

    My solution was to use the Legacy version which I still have installed:
    - open Legacy version
    -create new notebook
    - go back to v10.4.3
    - select relevant notes from All Notes list and move to the new notebook
    - check new notebook content is visible
    - go back to Legacy version
    - delete original notebook that wasn't displaying
    - rename new notebook to that of the (now deleted) original
    go back to v10.4.3 - check "recreated" notebook is accessible

    Problem resolved!
    BUT is there a bug lurking here?
    Why was the notebook content not visible?

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  6. While I normally work with the 3 pane view (sidebar, note list, note), I can see benefits of being able to turn off the note pane and only view specific notes when you wantb to by double-clicking the note in the note list so that it opens in a separate window.

    This doesn't appear to be a bug per se, more a use case issue - it probably ought to be on the Feature Request forum, if it's not already there.

  7. Very puzzling.

    I have notes created in the Legacy version with PDF attachments that open fine in v10, as well as being able to add PDFs to notes in v10.

    As agsteele says, Adobe Acrobat thinks the file has been corrupted in some way and is not a valid format - see rhe full error message I get (attached as .png  image and as PDF file.

    EDIT - I'm wondering if there could be some issue with the space characters that appears as "%20" in the file name attachment abpve, but as jus "20" with no "%"  when Adobe Acrobat reports the error...?


    EN PDF attach failyre.png

    EN PDS attacch failure.pdf

  8. Hi DMiddleton -

    In your list you have 
    Screen Capture          Ctrl + Alt + S in version 10.2 onwards

    What also works is Ctrl+Alt+H  which brings up the EN Helper window for creating a Quick Note; at the bottom left of the window is a "screen" icon  whuich whn clicked brings up the screen region select cursor which creates a note containing the grabbed region.

    Just thought I'd mention that alternative.

  9. 15 hours ago, ChristopherKTom said:

    I'll have to remember to add the version I'm looking at. When I posted the feedback, it was with one or two previous versions.

    I'm now using 10.3.6 and I see that when NOTE VIEW LIST is set to either Cards or Snippets, then NOTE PREVIEW is shown; When Note View List is List then Note Preview is changed to Columns.

    I agree that the width of the sidebar can be resized but you scan't changed the height of the cards.

    Thanks for clarifying that for me. As I don't use the cards or snippets view I wasn't aware of that difference in the menu.

    It looks like it's the Cards view where the effect is most noticeable - it looks like there is a "default blank line£ for each of the options (show images/text/tagsreminders) that have been turned off. May not be a simple fix.

  10. 21 hours ago, Alxa said:

    It works with any note count higher than one. But... Having one note left for example in inbox (in shortcuts notebook inbox says =1). Move this note to another notebook: short cut "inbox" still says 1 without change. Notebook inbox in the notebook section correctly says "0". I can reproduce this all the time. Weird (EN 10.3.6 Windows).

    Aha! Well spotted!

    I have just experimented with this in the latest v10.3.7 release that appeared on my PC this morning and moving  the single note in a folder to anther notebook  correctly updates the original location's count to zero.

    Perhaps this was a fix between 10.3.6 and 10.3.7?

  11. 12 hours ago, Rashid Kotwal said:

    Thanks AdmiralP :) 

    I didn't realise double clicking the note would open the note in a new window without the highlights - which is what wanted.

    No problem - U think we're all getting used to how EB v10 works. Due to the core nature of the new version, some aspects don't function as we may have been used to; it may be different,  but v10 is certainly usable. 

  12. This is a useful resource.

    It's a pity that the unstructured nature of the forum makes it difficult to keep track of particular issues, and also leads to duplication as people raise issues without realising that it's already been recorded by someone else. Obviously it's disappointing that that EN v10 doesn't have all the features of the "Legacy" version, but to be honest I'm getting to like it more and more. The immediate syncing works well for me and I certainly wouldn't call it "unusable£ as some posters have. Personally I haven't detected any slowness.

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