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  1. I agree with MikeP - double-click or right-click in the Note list allows the note to open in a new window in v10.8.4 for me also.
  2. Agree with tm87 - single click in external links works OK with v10.8.4 You definitely need to update - you may be missing out on other recent enhancements/fixes
  3. Alxa - Thanks for that information. I wasn't aware of that situation, but had noticed that things seemed to be quiet on the EN Android front. It's a pity , I quite liked the v10 Beta that I trialled on my Android v9 phone. I guess it's not a major issue for me as I tend to do most of my EN use on the Windows desktop, using my phone largely as a capture device with the camera, or as a reference aide. And the Android "Legacy" version stil works. Who knows - maybe by the time they've sorted the issues, I may have an Android phone with a newer OS? 😄
  4. I note that v10.8.4 has brought back the ability on the Note Info window to use "Enter" to save the changes and exit, rather than having to navigate to the "Save" button with the mouse and click it. Thanks EN
  5. So although the Beta version of v10 was usable on my Android 9 phone, the released version of ENv10 is not available for Android 9 OS, only the latest Abdrioid OS version. What's the likelihood of EN for Android v10 becoming available for earlier Android versions?
  6. Well spotted! I note from the Keyboard Shortcuts panel that the other way of opening that Tags flyout from the sidebar is Ctrl+Alt+5. I suppose if you could right-click on "Tags" in the sidebar to get that list of tags displayed, you should also be able to right-click on "Notebooks" to get similar functionality,...
  7. Yes - I found that confusing as well. "right-click on tags on the sidebar" is the confusing phrase...I suspect, like me, that you assumed "sidebar" meant the left hamd pane with the notebook list, etc. As far as I can see, if you left-click on "Tags" in the left hand menu pane, that opens a Tags dialog panel, where if you right-click on a particular tag, a menu opens giving you options like "Create sub-tag", "rename tag" etc. Sounds like a matter of terminology. It might be good if more images were included with the release notes or they were linked to a video showing the functional
  8. agsteele - I appreciate your comments (as always). I do agree that v10 is improving, and it's has been weeks since I actually used the co-resident Legacy version on my PC. In this instance I have found it jarring that when performing the same task (selecting a date) in different parts of Evernote that the process I follow is not the same. It makes me wonder if the developers are not "power users" who like to navigate via the keyboard rather than dragging a mouse across the screen 🤔 Certainly UI design can be challenging, but even if it doesn't suit all users, it ought to be c
  9. I originally posted this in the bugs forum and raised a support ticket with Evernote on the subject. I was disappointed when the response to the support ticket was "I have checked on my end, and it appears that this is an expected behavior with the new app." I had been under the impression that one of the drivers of the v10 development was to ensure consistency in Evernote across platforms and between functions. While EN v10 is improving all the time, and I rarely have to switch over to my co-resident Legacy version, there are a few features that would benefit from being made more con
  10. I raised this as a Support Ticket with Evernote but got the response "I have checked on my end, and it appears that this is an expected behavior with the new app." I find this disappointing as I was under the impression that part of the drive behind the v10 development was a desire to introduce more consistency in how Evernote functioned - both across platforms and internally. Sadly this doesn't seem to be the case yet.
  11. While EN v10 is improving all the time, and I rarely have to switch over to my co-resident Legacy version, there are a few features that would benefit from being made more consistent to allow better workflow. One irritation I have with v10.7.6 is the inconsistent implementation of date-pickers. I use the facility to alter the Note Created date regularly in my workflow, using Ctrl+Shift+N to open the Note Info window and then tabbing twice to the “Created” field and then clicking to open the date-picker. The current month is displayed in a 5 x 7 grid. However, as I found in January 20
  12. Puzzled by this... Shift + Enter in a bulleted list works as you want it to for me on Windows v10.6.9 (2254) [Editor: v116.1.14913 Service: v1.267]
  13. So how is this feature meant to work? When I use the Share => Email a copy option I find I can only send vert simple text notes. If the text has a table or other features in it, EN fails to send...
  14. Agree - - if you're not in the Home Dashboard mode and have scrolled though the left menu, it would be good to be able yo get to the Home icon quickly
  15. Agree - a widget that displays "alarms", i.e. notes with reminders set would be useful
  16. asteele - I can see your point if view. However, the ability to edit the Note Creation Date (and Time) was specifically added in v10.1 as I believe it is a feature that many EN users utilise. I don't believe there are or should be any restrictions on the value of the Date Created field - don't forget there is also the Date updated field . Looking through my notes, the bug exists for the period from midnight this morning up to the created time of the note - - if a note has a creation date of today and a creation time earlier than the current time then the "nn hours ago" is calculated
  17. Thanks DTLow and AlbertR fort the Emoji suggestion - I wasn't sure what the constraints were on the Note Title field. I'll experiment with a few suitable symbols and see how that goes; but it would still be nice to be able to change the title font colour 😀
  18. I mentioned this before after the ability to modify the Note Created date was introduced to v10 - there seems to be a bug in how the dates are displayed in the Note list. The attached image shows the note list of my !Next folder as it appears in the Legacy and v10.5.7 versions (screen captures taken approx 11:30am on Dec 28th) The Legacy version shows the date as dd/mm/yyyy (UK format) and tomorrow's date is shown as "Tomorrow". In v10.5.7 the created dates for 30th and 31st December are shown as "Dec30" and "Dec 31" - I can live with this as it probably overcomes any different
  19. I like the options available in the Note Editor to format the body of a note. I would like to have an option to change the font colour of the note Title - this could be a means of giving priority to certain notes - making them stand out ibn the Notes List
  20. Just wanting to flag this suggestion again - would d be good to have a shortcut to open the Reminder dialog window rather than having to navigate to the bottom of the mote, etc. And a means of easily navigating through the calendar (using arrow keys?) would be efficient as welll
  21. Thanks for clarifying your usage. Evernote has always been so flexible in its use, thatb people have found different ways of utilising its capabilities. Thanks for reminding me that the clipper extension can be configured by right-clicking the icon on the browser and selecting "Options" - I had totally forgotten that yu could do that!
  22. Unsure what problem you're describing? If you click the button do you get the pop-up with the 3 icons? Clicking on the "..." gives you the option to View As attachment or singel or all pages for a document, or as an attachment or image for a picture
  23. Can you clarify your workflow please? I'm running Windows 10 Home and using Chrome as my browser. If I'm browsing the web and find a document I'd like to save in Evernote. I use the Evernote Web Clipper extension in Chrome. I click on the link in the web page, which opens the document in the browser then use Clipper extension dialog window to specify the notebook I wish the document to be saved in and the note is created in the desired notebook (your default notebook is the default selection in the Clipper). You say you use the "Open With" option to import the document into Evernote
  24. Installed v10.4.3 this morning - installation ran through OK (I've been using v10 since it's first release and updating with each new update) Checked the new features (top list, etc) - seem OK'; noticed I had to reset the columns in my note list display, presumably because of the changes there (URL option, etc) Able to display content in my various notebooks, apart from one specific notebook - screen displays "we're having a problem - ret reloading rge page" First time I've encountered this problem. A sew reload attempts didn't work. the notes are still there - they can be s
  25. While I normally work with the 3 pane view (sidebar, note list, note), I can see benefits of being able to turn off the note pane and only view specific notes when you wantb to by double-clicking the note in the note list so that it opens in a separate window. This doesn't appear to be a bug per se, more a use case issue - it probably ought to be on the Feature Request forum, if it's not already there.
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