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  1. The search function continues to frustrate. It acts like it only searches subjects. I wish that it would search the note body text thank you, Chris
  2. I can't seem to get the 'Reminders' to go away, at the top of a notebook, even though no notes have any reminders. I wish I could configure it off Copy and Paste continues to be buggy. It will let me select text without offering to let me copy it. Sometimes, I have to select text several times before it gives me the choice of copying the selection. This is on an iPhone 6S plus, latest IOS. Had the same problem in iPhone 5S. Chris
  3. It is hanging more often for me with this latest version, 5.8.13 Chris Shaker
  4. On my 64 GB iPhone 5S, running IOS 8.3, Evernote IOS app version (and on previous versions), when attempting to edit a note, it usually takes me three attempts to get the Select/Select All/Paste menu to open and stay up. The first two times I touch the screen, the Select/Select All/Paste menu will open and then immediately close, but on the third attempt, it stays open. Every once in a while, the menu will open on the first attempt, but that is unusual. Thank you, Chris Shaker
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