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  1. The search function continues to frustrate. It acts like it only searches subjects. I wish that it would search the note body text thank you, Chris
  2. I can't seem to get the 'Reminders' to go away, at the top of a notebook, even though no notes have any reminders. I wish I could configure it off Copy and Paste continues to be buggy. It will let me select text without offering to let me copy it. Sometimes, I have to select text several times before it gives me the choice of copying the selection. This is on an iPhone 6S plus, latest IOS. Had the same problem in iPhone 5S. Chris
  3. It is hanging more often for me with this latest version, 5.8.13 Chris Shaker
  4. This Beta version just hung for me on my Windows 8.1 machine, Core i7, 16 GB RAM, etc. I was editing a note, probably had just pasted text into that note, when it hung. Chris Shaker
  5. I found that I can 'fix' these formatting problems by DISABLING the 'Enable beta features and updates' option! I am running Beta code, If I enable the option, 'Enable beta features and updates', formatting of Notes is BROKEN. If I disable that option, formatting of Notes works like it used to. Chris Shaker
  6. The Beta version has not yet hung for me, so that part seems improved. But the 'Format/Simplify Formatting' feature is broken. It does not remove multiple lines of whitespace, and it does not create hyperlinks for URLs. I'm not sure that it is doing anything to my notes Chris Shaker
  7. I updated to the Beta version on Windows 8.1. So far, no hangs. But the 'format/simplify formatting' tool does not seem to work correctly. It does not remove multiple lines of whitespace, and it does not create hyperlinks for URLs. Chris Shaker
  8. On my 64 GB iPhone 5S, running IOS 8.3, Evernote IOS app version (and on previous versions), when attempting to edit a note, it usually takes me three attempts to get the Select/Select All/Paste menu to open and stay up. The first two times I touch the screen, the Select/Select All/Paste menu will open and then immediately close, but on the third attempt, it stays open. Every once in a while, the menu will open on the first attempt, but that is unusual. Thank you, Chris Shaker
  9. Also, when editing a note, Format/Simplify Formatting does not appear to be working. It does not remove blank lines like the released version does. Thank you, Chris Shaker
  10. When editing a note, the automatic creation of Hyperlinks when you hit return after a URL does not work in this Beta. Is that by design? Guess I better read the release notes. Sorry, if that was already addressed. Thank you, Chris Shaker
  11. I've run into several occasions where the Evernote application hangs completely on Windows 8.1 (all latest updates from Microsoft). Once it hangs, it never comes back. Windows says (Not Responding). I'll have to kill Evernote to see what version it is. Evernote is (275837) Public, which it claims is the latest version. Chris Shaker
  12. I get the same error as well. Also tried removing and reinstalling. Tried using Evernote user name instead of email address, and that DOES work. Chris Shaker
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