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  1. It's up to you to type in the path name, before the "ScreenClip.jpg" part, if I understand Peter correctly. For example: "C:\Evernote\ScreenClip.jpg" I was thinking he said I could decide where the screenshots go. like in a folder within my desktop.
  2. HKCU/Software/Evernote/Evernote/TrayApplet/ScreenClipperFileName specifies clipper file name which is set by default to "ScreenClip.png". If you change it to "ScreenClip.jpg" Evernote will save screen shots as JPEG's. You can also specify path and Evernote will save screen shots into the specified path. If you add this path to Tools/Folder Import, your JPEG screen shots will be automatically imported as notes. A little convoluted, but works. /Peter I'm confuse, how do I do this? Saving Screnshots as jpg is a major for me >_<! EDIT: Nvm i figure out how to edit the registry @Peter: Though, I can't figure out how to edit the path. Can you post the path for that like you did for the file name? Thanks ya'll
  3. Thank you all for the suggestions. Yes I am using the windows app and the screenclip option. When talking about size I meant in Mb/Kbs not resolution. Often I have to upload the screenshots to a company server to post them in our site and this has a limitation of 150kb. I wish evernote could allow you to change the format as PNGs are heavier. @Jefito Thank you for the tip! Much easier than saving attachments in evernote! Something else I found new is that instead of holding Shift you hold control it copies it to clipboard!
  4. Hello all, I use evernote a lot for work and one of the major things I use is screenshots. I was wondering if I could change the format screenshots are taken. Currently it defaults to .png. However, these are often too large in size and I have to open in paint to save in .jpg. Any way to avoid the extra step? Also, I think exporting the pictures from Evernote could be easier. Much thanks and awesome product -David
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