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  1. My Firefox just updated to the new clipper. I've been using Firefox for things I want to clip because Chrome's clipper wouldn't clip to the desktop program. Now the new Firefox clipper won't do it either. If I'm just missing the option setting for it maybe someone could be so kind as to point me to it. I really hate the idea of having to sync every time I clip a note because I clip a lot of them, and I like to clean them up a bit before they're synced to the Evernote site. Even though I am a prime member (on 2 accounts) and size isn't an issue it seems way more practical to do all this before it's synced to the account so it doesn't have to be synced twice for one note. My part of the country still has metered Internet, so bandwidth is an issue. Thanks!
  2. It's happening to me too. If I Ctrl+A to select all and then copy it to Notepad or Word the whole note is there, but you can't get to it in Evernote itself. So the information in my case is just hidden with no scroll bar in the part the note is in.
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