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  1. I have to ask... how does one implement the "zoom" while writing? I'm using Penultimate 5.0.2, a Jot Pro stylus, and I stumbled on the zoom (writing shows small segments of the screen larger) and then it stopped. I have no idea how I "found" it, or how to get it back, even after reading/watching the guides. I like the "zoom" I found, it makes it easier to write neatly within the page and not get your hand caught making stray marks (you're actually writing at the bottom of the screen even if the text is at the top of the page). How do I get that back???? CZ
  2. This bug still exists in Mac 3.1.2 which I downloaded yesterday morning (6/7/12) via the application option "Check for Updates..." I'm using Mac OSX 10.6.8 current with all software updates as of today. I launch Evernote, it asks "Evernote wants to use your confidential information in "Evernote" in your keychain. Do you want to allow access to this item?" I clicked "Always Allow" and it opens my list of notebooks. Perfect If I close the app and relaunch it, it AGAIN asks me for permission to use the confidential info in my keychain. I went into Keychain Access, deleted the entry for Evernote (the app), launched Evernote, got the login window, made sure "Stay logged in" was checked. Entered my login and password, file opens. Quit, and it again asks permission to use my keychain info next time I launch a minute later. No restart. If I click "Always Allow", stop asking me every time. This is definitely an ongoing bug!! CZ
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