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  1. @peter thanks for commenting here and for tipping me off of this thread! As was mentioned, the integration between Evernote and FollowUpThen has now been fixed. It was caused by a change in the way Evernote sends email. Specifically, instead of an email coming from your email in the "from" field, it was changed to come from "no-reply@evernote.com". Because FollowUpThen relied on the "from" field to know who you are, it broke the integration between the systems. As of late last week, however, we implemented a fix based on the fact that Evernote still uses your own address as the "reply-to" address on that email. Because we trust Evernote (and they confirm that you own that email), we now use that "reply-to" field instead of the "from" when we receive an email from our friends at Evernote. We also have a layer in place to be able to make future changes to this very quickly. So if there is a fancy So feel free to schedule away! ..and feel free to email help@followupthen.com if you run into trouble. Here's the original Evernote Hack post we did that describes the integration in more detail. Reilly Sweetland Co-Founder | FollowUpthen
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