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  1. @peter thanks for commenting here and for tipping me off of this thread! As was mentioned, the integration between Evernote and FollowUpThen has now been fixed. It was caused by a change in the way Evernote sends email. Specifically, instead of an email coming from your email in the "from" field, it was changed to come from "no-reply@evernote.com". Because FollowUpThen relied on the "from" field to know who you are, it broke the integration between the systems. As of late last week, however, we implemented a fix based on the fact that Evernote still uses your own address as the "reply-to" address on that email. Because we trust Evernote (and they confirm that you own that email), we now use that "reply-to" field instead of the "from" when we receive an email from our friends at Evernote. We also have a layer in place to be able to make future changes to this very quickly. So if there is a fancy So feel free to schedule away! ..and feel free to email help@followupthen.com if you run into trouble. Here's the original Evernote Hack post we did that describes the integration in more detail. Reilly Sweetland Co-Founder | FollowUpthen
  2. This may or may not be the case with you (there are probably many reasons for this error), but mine was due to a partially complete upgrade. When there is a new Evernote version, if you're on OSX, you are given an option to download and install the new version after you quit / relaunch the app. It appears the version is downloaded and kept in this directory: ~/Library/Application Support/Evernote/ under a folder called "Evernote 449191" (or whatever number it is for you). I found the latest version of the Evernote app there, copied it to my Applications folder, deleted them from the folder above and it just worked. I was running low on disk space at the time, so that's probably the reason why things got strange. Hope that helps anyone else here!
  3. @robehus you just took this idea to a whole new level : ) You bring up some interesting points in here, and while a few are over my head (or below my level in the stack as the case may be) I do have one philosophical contribution: in order for that to work, I think it needs a real-world analogy. Ie, for users to understand an abstract concept like this, it needs to be related to something they already know. The proverbial "file", is easily understood as a piece of paper where things get stored. An abstract system of relations of things may break people's mental model of things... But then again, we may be talking about two different ends of the same problem: I am proposing a mental model for an end-user (or higher-level developer). You may be proposing a lower-level technical implementation which could be adapted to any such mental model. (It definitely sounds more flexible!) Interestingly, tags are already supported in OSX...they're just a bit hidden. I think Dropbox did an amazing job at integrating a new solution into the traditional file system. If I had an "Evernote" folder on my system with all my images, notebooks, etc, I'd be quite happy.
  4. Thanks for the input everyone. @grumpymonkey Thanks for sharing your workflow. I also use Dropbox and Evernote in a similar way. Somehow Dropbox solves the bandwidth and continuous uploading issues. If Evernote could do this while maintaining the right economics, it seems that augmenting or replacing the traditional file system is a pretty big market. While Dropbox, Google drive, Amazon, etc are huge, Evernote could own the market segment for those of use who are willing to think outside the box - or folder - as the case may be ; ) But, @jmichael, to your point, I have a bunch of other feature requests in advance of this. This post was mainly to surface a hair-brain idea that could be fun and useful some day (think years, not months). ------ EDIT: Well look at that. Here is a super-light version of what I was thinking. Send A File Right To Evernote From Within Finder
  5. After frustratedly rearranging my folders on my mac today for the 1000th time, I found myself longing for the power and simplicity of the Evernote filing system. I think it's time someone disrupted this whole traditional folder-based file system. There are several file-tagging solutions available for OSX, but how annoying it is to have such a great filing system in Evernote, and then have a separate filing system for my local files. And with Evernote, the lines between "notes" and "files" are now totally blurred. Dropbox, Box, Google Docs also have this same traditional file-based organization. I'm wondering if there are other people like me - that are willing to jump ship and go to a completely tag-based file system. If I there are others like me, what if Evernote published a deeply integrated solution for all of my files. Those files that I tag might then be automatically added to my Evernote world (auto-synchronized, versioned, OCR'd, etc). It would be incredibly valuable. So in short, my request is this: Evernote, please replace my folder-based file system. I'm tired of it and you guys could do a much better job!
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