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  1. Hi all Just to clarify my initial question. See attached picture. I drew a red circle around the file (this is an msg-file --> msg-file simply is an e-mail, be it a received or a sent e-mail) that I want to paste in an existing EN note. What I do so far is copy (right click) and paste it to my desktop. From my desktop I again copy (right-click) and paste it into an EN note. And this works just fine. If you now double click on the msg file in EN, it opens as the original e-mail. My question is : why can't I just copy it from Outlook (so right click on the icon with the red circle on my attached picture) and paste it directly into an EN note. It works fine but it's a two step operation instead of one step operation (call me lazy.. :-) ) rgds Jan
  2. Hi there How can I in windows directly copy paste an outlook e-mail (the file, not its content) from outlook (inbox or sentbox) to EN (paste into an existing note). I mean copying the msg-file from outlook and paste it as msg-file in an EN note. If I do that (rightclick on the e-mail) and paste it in EN, then only the header (from: .. to : ... date sent : ... etc...) of the e-mail appears in EN. If I rightclick on the e-mail and paste it first somewhere else (eg on my desktop) and then paste it into an EN note, it works fine (msg file is pasted into a note and if I click on it, the e-mail opens in outlook). So, in short, is this a bug ? It's not that big a deal but it could be more efficient than what I do, no ? thx. Jan
  3. @pinksteady I came across the same issue. Here's a workaround I use and it works fine. After creating a note(book) in Penultimate, you can e-mail it to your Evernote account. Penultimate will create a PDF and mail it. It will be posted in your standard notebook. After that you can paste it in any other notebook and even add tags if you want. Hope this helps. grts
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