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  1. Thanks for this! Downloading now! This version is definitely a step backwards... Why would you remove features from the app?! Bizarre!
  2. Came here to post this! Skitch is awful without being a menu bar app! Please tell us that this is going to be put back in! Skitch isn't really much use to me unless it's easily accessible from the menu bar (And have it removed from the dock entirely...).
  3. Hey all, I've been a member with Skitch.com since April last year - I was really happy when they released Skitch in the Mac App Store. So I bought it (It used to be £5.99 before it went free...). Anyway, recently I noticed that any images I try and share with Skitch haven't been to my normal account. So I removed all the login details and started again and tried adding my Skitch account "MarkyUK". However, it shows this: Now I can't share anything as it comes up with an error (Something about wrong username/password?? I haven't been asked for a password :/) - And when I click "Personalise my account", it showing up as an anonymous account and begins the process of registering a new account... Any help would be appreciated Thanks, Marky
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