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  1. jbenson2 & GM- Thanks, that was great input. I'm one step closer to going paperless.
  2. Hi GM- Thanks for the response. I'm new to EN and trying to establish a workflow. Now I select the EN profile for the scanner, and scan the document. Since the scanner profile knows the application is EN, the scanned file is processed and added to EN. It does give me a chance to rename during the process. OCR is one of the profile options. I am working on a Mac. The scanner came with Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro. I've read other discussions about optimizing pdf with Adobe, but not sure of the benefit. I'm not sure if I have OCR software or if it is part of Adobe or EN. I can easily change the scanner porfile to pdf which would eliminate the EN processing, but not sure how to process the pdf's into EN. Can you provide more detail about your workflow?
  3. I have an S1500 which comes with predefined EN profiles. Part of the profile includes an "Image saving folder" and I have setup a path. When I scan a dcoument, a copy goes to the "Image saving folder" and EN seems to further process the file and store it in EN. Do I need to save the file in the "Image saving folder"? My thoughts are Pros- backup copy of pdf's and jpeg's if I left EN, all files are already exported Cons- requires 2x the diskspace
  4. Thanks jbenson2 and tardis. I feel a lot better about backing up EN. If I just exported notebooks with tags, do I loose anything or is faster just to backup the directory? I did move 1 notebook from a PC to a Mac and it appeared to go okay, except for a case difference in one of my tags caused some tags not to transfer.
  5. All the Windows posts say backup the "exb" file. I cannot find an "exb" on my Mac. I've tried checking my preferences to find the path to EN, but on a Mac there is no path information. It looks like most/all? of the EN stuff is in /Users/myname/Library/Application Support/Evernote/accounts/Evernote. is this the "exb"? I do have Time Macine running, but I have no idea what I would have to recover. I would like to make another backup on an external drive that I could store elsewhere. Do i loose anything if I just export my notebook(s)? Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Owyn- Thanks for responding. I could not find Firefox Evernote Clipper -> Preferences in FF12 After reading more of the forum, it sounded like Chrome might be better. Alas, a similar but worse. Clipped article said it was going to the Web (only choice), but nothing has shown up. Back to IE9 and now it gives me choices, my clipped note went to a local notebook. This clipper stuff all seems very fragile to me. I wouldn't bet a lot of money that the next time I login I will be able to clip locally. Who knows, maybe my clipped Chrome notes will show up. Still struggling, but not giving up.
  7. Owyn, from the Evernote pdf for Windows, Firefox clipper "clicking the Evernote button will cause the content to be clipped to your local Evernote application, not Evernote on the Web.", but the clipped information is going to the Web. I can then move it to a local notebook, but this is an extra step and eats into my usage even though I'm not storing anything on the Web. I'm also running Evernote on a Mac with Firefox and it clips locally. Out of curiosity, what timezome are you in?
  8. Using Windows 7, Evernote 4.5.6, Firefox 12, IE 9. Not sure what version of clipper I'm using although it was downloaded today. (how do I find the clipper version? In both Firefox and IE the clipped note goes to the Web notebook, not a local notebook as the documentation suggests. May be related, but I can't make a local notebook my default notebook. New to Evernote, so it may be operator error. Suggestions?
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