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  1. Thank you for following up. Is the team able to reproduce this energy drain problem? Let me know if I provide any helpful log information.
  2. My reported battery drain example occurred under normal use conditions. I had already been using EN v10 for quite a while, as I update my App as soon as a new version is released. I was definitely not doing an initial downsync, nor was I downloading offline notebooks. I was not using any share extensions, and was just typing, occasionally used the Camera EN function to insert photos/scans into a note, or searching (my EN database has 11K+ notes). I was typing a mixture of English and Chinese (using Gboard for Chinese input). Other than that, nothing special. Thanks for your investigating the battery drain issue.
  3. I am running EN 10.0.4 on an iPhone 11 iOS 14.0.1, and yesterday used EN continuously for 2 hours (for the 1st hour Battery showed a 99% EN usage, and for the 2nd hour a 83% EN usage). I started with a battery of level at 100% and after 2 hours the battery level dropped to about 45%, and the iPhone felt unusually warm. This confirmed my prior subjective experiences with shorter uses of EN v10. It seems that EN v10 has a real probable with power management that pre-v10 EN did not have. Are other people having similar battery drain problems with EN version 10? Is there a fix being worked on?
  4. Mac version 7.9 does not highlight the search results of Chinese characters. It does (for the most part) find the notes that has the characters that I am searching for, but then I have to individually search within the note for the Chinese character to be highlighted. Previous versions did not have this bug. If this has not already been reported, I hope that a fix is forthcoming. BTW, this function works perfectly well on Evernote iOS. Thanks,
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