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  1. There should have been a much better job communicating to users the differences between the old and new versions. No one likes surprises, especially from a piece a software people use to store information.
  2. I'm interested to see some of the new features and how quickly they can roll out updates to stabilize the new iOS release.
  3. Can we at least have the icons appear when we hover over the collapsed menu? This would reduce the need for another click. I miss the icons. They were easy to spot and click. Now I have to read a list of text to find the action I am looking for. If this was only a process that I would have to do a few times a day fine. Unfortunately, I am finding myself doing this a lot. It is slowing down routine actions/tasks. Eventually, I guess I would learn the order of the text. I believe the "hover to show icons" would be a comprise between having the icons and keeping the screen uncluttered. Just my opinion. Thanks
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