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  1. I agree that all explanations to the effect of "well, Evernote iOS just doesn't do that, and that's the way we think it should be period, get used to it," are stupid. Because parallel behavior between platforms. Because duh. A few other silly things about this otherwise great software program over the years. Funny that they chose to try to add office messaging and scheduling features, but have not ironed out their core functionality a little smoother along the way. And I have been paying my $5 a month for years, mostly as a thank-you to support the product...
  2. I didn't say anything about Evernote being broken, I was just frustrated. I also develop for WordPress. There is no "winning" — whatsoever here — about whether it makes more sense to "just tap two returns, because that's so easy," or "that's what computers are for, to make constantly repeated patterns simpler by automating steps" (such as having to type two returns instead of one, over and over and over again). Partly, it will come down to how much of different types of writing one does. Lots of longer paragraph-length writing will tend one towards wanting the extra vertical space. Lots of say, code snippets, will tend one towards wanting no space. If you have to choose between the two, you obviously need the have no extra space. I frequently use Textmate to take small notes. I have a typographic, design background as well. I am concerned about readability. Some of the folks' points about the importance of readability of long blocks of text are very pertinent to me. Again, not sure why this is even a big issue. My point wasn't that Evernote is a word processor. My point was that even back in 1983 you had this level of options. Even MacWrite in 1990 had this (I am pretty sure). "Ahh! But vi didn't !" I don't care. Evernote has a very extensive ability to format text options at the character level. Just give it a basic, primitive ability to format it at the paragraph level. Duh. Give me a break. This is not complicated. This has nothing to do with making the product "too darn complicated, with a lot of bells and whistles." Puh-lease. I realize that some folks do not see these options as important. Can you, perhaps, honor that some do, without thinking they're "idiots! idiots! fools who want the world!" No. I want primitive paragraph-level formatting to go along with the primitive character-level formatting.
  3. I have been using word processors since 1983. I figured out (somewhere in 1983) that it was not like a typewriter—you could just tell the program that you wanted it to add a little spacing between paragraphs. Since then, I have considered it a "baby" thing to have to add an extra paragraph break between lines to indicate a break. I mean, come on. Google Docs makes this easy—without cluttering up its interface with a gazillion stupid functions—so don't give me that argument. Can't you just fix this one thing? I love Evernote, but I just can't understand why you have had such a little care for such a (to me) obvious thing, over all these years that I have been a member. And note—I have currently been a paid member for over a year—even though I have no need of the paid service, but because it only seems fair to throw a little cash your way.
  4. It's utterly bewildering to my why they wouldn't have highlight. This is a note taking application, right? Evernote is so clever in so many ways, I don't understand why they can't have the basic formatting options the GMail has. We're not talking rocket science here. The other one that absolutely bewilders me is a lack of an indent feature, at least on the Mac client. I just don't understand.
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