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  1. I have this same issue and it only appeared with the web clipper that's a standalone app. Previously. clipping into a Simplified Article actually simplified the formatting, thus rendering the text legible on mobile. This is no longer the case and results in what @PinkElephant described above.
  2. The latest iteration of Evernote for iOS has removed PDF preview thumbnails, which really disrupts the experience. At least the previous version had fuzzy images, which were enough to allow me to recognise note contents in card view. I'll put in a feature request for inline PDFs, similar to Readdle apps, as well.
  3. I have this same issue regardless of whether I share through iOS or MacOS share sheet but for me, it happens with PDFs. Evernote team, please fix this!
  4. Sorry I wasn't clear. I want to use my iPad to clip. Right now the process is: 1. On iPad Safari -> Share sheet -> Evernote 2. Go to Evernote, sync and then Simplify Formatting 3. Select and delete all the extraneous stuff So, if we could have the MacOS option of 'Simplified article' clipping or send a Reader view website directly to Evernote, then the Evernote on iOS experience would be much smoother.
  5. I use Evernote predominantly as a web clipper and I dread using iOS to clip notes as there’s no way to automatically simplify formatting as the desktop version. iOS however, has Reader mode for webpages so please consider configuring Evernote to clip a webpage in Reader mode?
  6. I have the same issue with syncing. Syncing never seems to complete even after > 24 hours of leaving the app open and drawing wifi off a fibre line. Neither does notes downloading, which is broken for both iPhone and iPad. The vast majority of my notes are web clips, jpeg-rich and PDFs. I assume these problems may not be present for users using Evernote primarily for text. The 8.2.1 update has completely broken the app on iOS for me.
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