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  1. Thanks BurgersNFries! I'm using Outlook 2010 on both computers. --RJS
  2. Hi all, I have Evernote installed on three computers and my iPAD. On some of my computers, right within Outlook, I can just click to add an email to Evernote. On at least one of them, there is no "Add to Evernote" button on my Outlook. Yes, I can still email from Outlook to my Evernote email address, but the "Add to Evernote" button is a bit more efficient. Any ideas on why it is there on some and not on others? And how can I get it to show on my Outlook if it isn't already? (And I'm having the same trouble I think with Explorer - seems like one installation I can right click and Add to Evernote, but another one I can't.) The main difference between the computers is that one is a Windows 7 machine and one is Windows XP. It is the Windows XP computer that doesn't have any of the integrated buttons. Thanks in advance for any help and information! --RJS
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