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  1. I see it. I had it configured to go to my desktop client, so there was no option to remember anything. If I change it to go to the web client, I get the option to remember the notebook. It would be great to enable these options to the desktop client as well. Thanks!
  2. Hi, Blake. I'm running version It does not appear to have any options other than to clip to the web or desktop client.
  3. I'm curious why the clipper does not remember the last notebook I selected when clipping? Generally when I am on a research project, I want to record clips to the same notebook. It would be great if the clipper would remember the last selected notebook. Maybe even remember the same tags. Thoughts? Regards, Rob
  4. Certainly there are workarounds, but I would prefer not to have folks editing the original note. For now I'm using a tag to "vote," but something more elegant would be preferred. Thanks, Rob
  5. It would be fantastic to enable improved collaboration by adding a comments feature. Using Evernote to store information to share with others is a great feature. Enabling others to comment or vote on notes would be even better. Think about a group looking for a place to vacation, or a wedding couple clipping possible ring designs. There are endless applications. Being able to comment and vote would be a great step forward in providing better collaboration. Regards, Rob
  6. I've decided to take the plunge and give Evernote a try. I like that it is available on all my platforms and maintains formatting so that notes are displayed in true fidelity. I do have an issue with the encryption functionality. It is cumbersome and not supported across the platforms. If I encrypt text in Windows, I cannot decrypt and edit on iPad. Further, if I modify text in an encrypted note body, the Windows client "forgets" to re-encrypt it. I would prefer to see an option checkbox, perhaps in the header, that indicates the body of the note is to be encrypted AND have that respected across all clients. Also, the iPad client does not "remember" the encrypt/decrypt password. Hoping this improves in the near future. I am concerned about storing confidential information in non-encrypted format on any cloud service. Regards, Rob
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