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  1. I have an encrypted note in Evernote. When I tried to read it yesterday (version 5.6.1 on my Mac), I entered the password and the hidden text became visible. When I then clicked on the text it simply disappeared. At that point I set Sync to manual to prevent it saving any changes and tried re-opening the note (many times!) - it seemed though to have lost all my encrypted text. Looking at this note now on a PC (version I can decrypt it and see the text properly. I've just synced it again from the PC, hoping that this might de-corrupt it. Looking now at the web version of Evernote: (a) in the old version, I can put in the password and view the text. When I click anywhere to edit the text, it disappears. (b ) in the web beta version (both FireFox and IE), it never asks for a password - there is no way to see the text The padlock strip just seems to be an image. When I click on it I get get a fonts etc tool strip. Fortunately I've now managed to backup the note content - but I find it very worrying that a note can just lose its contents like this. I'm thinking as there were problems with the Mac version and both web versions that the note is probably corrupt in a way that affects web and Mac versions but not the Windows Evernote. Eeek! How can I avoid this happening again? Roger
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