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  1. @peterfmartin & @GrumpyMonkey : That is what I am doing as a workaround (my main browser is FF, so I did not come across the bug yet, thanks for letting me know), not the smooth way, but a way. I was using springpad til I switched back to evernote again and so I am spoiled with the FF addon of springpad. In any way, the option to take a note directly would be a nice-to-have but still not a reason to change my decision to use evernote again. @tardis: I am using the desktop client at home but do not want to install it at work. So a browser based solution is the best, at least at work. Thanks for all the suggestions.
  2. That is exactly what I supposed since all my tries to take a simple note on web clipper (in FF and Chrome) did not give me the result I wanted. I was hoping to be able to just use my browser for all note taking without the need of installing the desktop client or open the web client. But it seems I have no choice ;-). Thanks for the answer.
  3. Hello, I just might be too dumb or blind to find a solution for this: I tried several ways, but I wasn't able to just take a simple note with the web clipper. Either it took the URL or the whole article or a part of it. All I want is to open a small windows right from my browser (not the web version of evernote) and type in some notes and save it. Is there a way to do this ? Thanks for any help! Nadir.
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