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  1. IMHO it is lunacy in this day and age that he has to even take a stance. I couldn't care less what colour or creed someone is.
  2. It seems to tied in to trying to view notes contains pdfs. Using Evernote for research purposes results in a lot of PDFS being stored. I deleted the App Store version and installed latest version from EN site. Same issue. Trying to view a note containing a PDF (35 page pdf) causes a crash. With new features promised in Apple notes I will be moving away from Evernote in the fall unless they really get their act together and focus on getting the basics right.
  3. No rhyme or reason when attempting to open a note Evernote shuts down. Nothing changed on machine- no new software etc. Macbook Catalina 10.15.5 (19F101) Version 7.14 (458265 App Store) Editor: 69.3.10951 (15add1e) This application is becoming increasingly unstable and for me at this time unusable on Mac at least ( the only platform I have access to allowing notes to be merged). I will not be renewing my subscription after 8 years if this continues.
  4. = NO. The merge feature to be available on other platforms has been requested by many for 8+ years. The Evernote acolytes here respond along the lines of " take it or leave it" Evernote themselves ignore the issue the same as they ignore most customer feed back. Perhaps they are too busy making semi political posts about BLM on their blog? I am reaching the end of the road with EN and experimenting with alternatives.
  5. I have looked at various ways of contacting Ian Small direct and cannot figure out how to do it....if someone has the kings ear maybe he/she/they could share this? "Good afternoon I am as a long-term Evernote user 10 years I offer some suggestions for you to look at closely. This has been mentioned on the Evernote forum many many times again go back 10 years but nobody seem to take any notice and every time this is mentioned now it's dismissed and people are told to accept Evernote for the way it is. I think that the company is missing a major sales point which would enable Evernote to replace several commonly use applications which again on the subscription basis for example Ulysses, if I may explain. If you are writing anything a book a blog post anything at all that requires research then many of us utilise Evernote obviously when we wondering round the Internet finding information that may be used in the article and save it to evernote. It would be a huge benefit if you could manually sort notes within a folder as opposed to alphabetical order created etc because ,then, if you sort them manually and then merge them together there is your article or even a book created. It's not possible at the moment and nobody will listen and even consider implementing it. This leads me onto a second point If you're using a Mac for example, you can merge notes together, this does not appear to be possible on iOS device to say iPad or iPhone and there used to be third-party applications are allowed you to do it which are no longer available A major downfall of Evernote is it it's not a consistent across platforms. Considering the marketing drive by apple to get people to move towards iPads in place of laptops ( not something I agree with)the lack of a merge facility prevents many doing so. I believe you can't even merged using the web application which would be a fix which most people could live with " So two things Manual sorting The ability to merge notes on any device using that would enable you to replace the likes of Ulysses and Scrivener.' Post on the Evernote forum relating to above suggestions are met with responses such as "if you don't like what Evernote does move on...Evernote is not a replacement for xxxxxx" BUT they are missing the point...if EN wish to survive and generate more income why not strive to take over the market share of other programs? If the self appointed "Forum Police" want to tell me not to ask for developments that others have been asking for for years and been ignored...save your energy and don't bother 😉 The elephant in the corner of the room is being ignored.....
  6. Agreed - but there is a hell of an opportunity for someone to build `EN2020........and make a killing. From a commercial/marketing point of view EN miss the boat on a regular basis- how many times have you looked at some new software and thought "yes but evernote can do that" trouble is many are not aware of the potential of EN.
  7. Ok maybe time for arm waving not finger pointing- my expectation would be basic options like merging notes that are available on some platforms be available on others- if complexity is an issue just make it work on web version then at least ALL users could use it. Then start listening to paying customers - It seems to be a case of EN THINK they know what you want as opposed to EN are LISTING to what you NEED. I don't accept the argument re ageing software....if you cannot innovate and update then you will loose customers and then it is bye bye business. It is apparent many are looking for a viable Evernote alternative- when one appears ( and it will) the stakes will be raised and many will re consider their use of EN if EN team do not listen to current long term users.
  8. I've been a Evernote user for 8 years now. I must have looked at EVERY alternative ( Notion, Onenote, Dropbox, Apple Notes,Joplin,Bear) for use on apple devices and web and have stuck with Evernote. Why? Because they now have history and almost any app will interact with it. It synchs instantaneously with all of my devices unlike Apple notes which is flakey and unreliable. Given the cost I don't mind shelling out. The Evernote team do, like many, have a habit of developing what they THINK people want as opposed to what people want but many are like that- customer service seems to be well down the list of priorities. I think rather than developing fancy new web interfaces they should strive to have the app capable of doing the SAME THINGS across all devices . For example I often gather together information for various projects and then Merge them into one document ......you cant do that on iOS/Web you can on Mac app. It is like trying to use three different versions of the same system. Also some nice to haves..... 1. When will we ever be able to sort contents of Notebooks individually say for example alphabetically rather then having to sort whole data base? I has been asked for many times and requests been ignored. 2. When will we be able, if ever, to sort the contents of a notebook manually? Say for example you are writing a report and have 20 notes in a note book as chapters? I know all the theories about using tags etc but have people actually done that?- again asked for many times. If Evernote wants to survive the next decade maybe they should mail shot everyone who has been using system consistently as a PAYING customer and ask them what they want what they think is missing? Then ACT on the requests /suggestions? Bottom line is Evernote has worked for ten years - yes the system is not consistent across various devices but it is the best compromise available IMHO. Unless something better comes along I will stay with it- and I haven't found anything better so far. not .......and before some self appointed forum "Guru" starts jumping up and down telling me I should be asking for options not available- do us all a favour and save your breath. As a paying customer I consider I have the right to comment on current system and request improvements.
  9. Guess this is never going to happen. Anyone found a viable alternative?
  10. No it hasn't - it is not available on Mac or IOS or Web. Please check your facts before suggesting threads be closed.
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