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  1. Get "Dayentry" app on iPhone or iPad it allows journal entries to be created within Evernote even this messed up "new" evernote. I create with phone and amend tidy up with whatever device is convenient.
  2. Thank god or audio files would have been replaced by 78 rpm records and a player with a broken needle promoted as a step forward.....
  3. How silly.....share works in legacy version.......so if apple want to nudge people as you put it ( how is the tin foil hat by the way?) then why haven't they broken it in that version? Evernote needs to fix this stupidity.
  4. Surely that is not a viable way ahead? The legacy version will not continue to be supported? I am using version 10. Touch wood it does what I need BUT given EN managements complete miss handling of this, after 10 years of use I have lost all confidence in the app and in the absence of a clear detailed outline of the way ahead I really do not see a future with EN.
  5. You can not have it both ways...advising people to stop using a product- they have paid for.....bit like hiring a car - dropping it off for service then being handed back a scooter and being told to get on with it .....it has 2 wheels.......
  6. The problem is many do not "like" the current new iteration of the "product". They "liked" the previous version which had a lot more functions available than the new all singing dancing farce. A point you ignore is many of us PAID for that version. So applying your logic if you can not "provide a product paid for" issue a refund to everyone.
  7. This feature was request 9 years ago. I am guessing EN have no intention of implementing it.
  8. I have just emailed support after being billed wrong amount and with 5 months left to run on a subscription = God help anyone who has really urgent problems. You would think finance/billing would be separate to technical support?
  9. Are they Russian coders? Nimbus was looking promising but alarm bells going off......https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/111887-go-take-a-look-at-nimbus-note/?do=findComment&comment=522360
  10. Despite claims to contrary it looks like import from Evernote has been requested for over 2 years.......not available.
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