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  1. Surely that is not a viable way ahead? The legacy version will not continue to be supported? I am using version 10. Touch wood it does what I need BUT given EN managements complete miss handling of this, after 10 years of use I have lost all confidence in the app and in the absence of a clear detailed outline of the way ahead I really do not see a future with EN.
  2. You can not have it both ways...advising people to stop using a product- they have paid for.....bit like hiring a car - dropping it off for service then being handed back a scooter and being told to get on with it .....it has 2 wheels.......
  3. The problem is many do not "like" the current new iteration of the "product". They "liked" the previous version which had a lot more functions available than the new all singing dancing farce. A point you ignore is many of us PAID for that version. So applying your logic if you can not "provide a product paid for" issue a refund to everyone.
  4. NO response from support to ticket regarding subscription being duplicated- I am about about to cancel my direct debit lets see if that elicits a response?
  5. This feature was request 9 years ago. I am guessing EN have no intention of implementing it.
  6. I have just emailed support after being billed wrong amount and with 5 months left to run on a subscription = God help anyone who has really urgent problems. You would think finance/billing would be separate to technical support?
  7. Are they Russian coders? Nimbus was looking promising but alarm bells going off......https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/111887-go-take-a-look-at-nimbus-note/?do=findComment&comment=522360
  8. Despite claims to contrary it looks like import from Evernote has been requested for over 2 years.......not available.
  9. Merge notes......the one thing that means I have to carry my Mac around with me- alternative provide merge option on web browser.
  10. Evernote 10 on MacBook ..... Safari Trying to use Web clipper in Safari to clip a webpage consisting of a PDF generates below error. Clipping normal HTML pages works ok. Work around is to print to Evernote ( as PDF) Anyone else experiencing this?
  11. Completely agree but you are wasting your breath - if EN went back to plain text files not attachments no free users etc some of the acolytes here would claim it was the way forward. EN appear to ignore real paying customers here. The only real way to garner their attention is to message them on twitter.
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