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  1. It imports enex files as notes but you can not then MERGE notes....well as far as I can tell and according to the developer of Keep-it.
  2. Odd software developer advises Keep-it does NOT offer option to merge notes....
  3. The one thing it does not do-unless I am missing something is merge notes.....having said that neither does EN IOS......or EN Web
  4. It would appear so-well on MAC I can't see it. Same as I can't figure out how to create a notebook stack- but can on web version . This is getting really tedious.If I have to spend time across several versions of same app to figure out how to do something that was easily done on previous versions I need an alternative.
  5. = Do as you are told we know better and oh bye the way can you please continue to pay for the pleasure of TESTING software?......Golden opportunity for other "developers" to fill the gap.
  6. Gawd take a look at comments re EN on IOS App Store. Enough to scare anyone off. I wonder if EN "management" actually read those comments? ( they obviously ignore this forum).
  7. Same question from from many For how long? I think the EN acolytes here if they have the Kings Ear need to send a message saying "get your A into G and start communicating with PAYING customers -----or LOOSE THEM."
  8. So basically for whatever reason EN has not been "developed" but now it is being re written with limited functionality....perhaps eventually developing to offer functions that WERE available once again in a "New" EN? Explain to me why Premium subscribers should pay full subscription while a limited version of a service is provided and application is being re written?
  9. Word of warning- export notes to an ENEX file BEFORE upgrading. V 10 apparently exports files differently resulting in for example Bear app not being able to import EN notes from V10.
  10. Should be simple ( ok lets called it less than a challenge) to a competent coding team who are familiar with EN. If you want to service and overhaul a Jaguar you do not ask a team of apprentices who may have worked on fords to come along and remove the headlights and cruise control..... Then tell owners the Highlights and cruise control were removed without seeking opinion or giving an explanation.
  11. Oddly EN is a tool I use as part of my life,so I do not spend my life reading everything EN publish online. I actually have a life..... As a company SELLING a service EN had a few simple tasks to carry out and have had over a year to do so: 1. Make features available on one operating system available on all -=they have not. 2. Read their own forum and try and provide features requested by many over last ten years-=failed. 3. Retain existing features, some of which will have been reason some paying customers bought into system -=failed they have actually removed some features. 4. Give the people what they want not what EN THINK they want -=marketing disaster. The Tsunami is about to hit......
  12. Where did THIS come from? Is it Opinion or the gospel according to EN? Same - if it IS the official party line then I suspect EN have just committed commercial suicide. + 1 more who has just cancelled their renewal.
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