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  1. rob24hrs

    Sort tasks manually

    Thanks for marketing 101- "noted" for several years does not bode well. It is perhaps significant that other developers actually listen too their customers- the rest slowly inevitably loose them.
  2. rob24hrs

    Sort tasks manually

    Exactly- so why not within a notebook? And why has the request been ignored for years- and obviously irritates some?
  3. rob24hrs

    Sort tasks manually

    It is known as marketing......given the re structuring within Evernote they may not wish to make them redundant but I bet they would love it if the subscriptions currently flowing to Ulysses came to them......😈 Irrespective of the marketing implications, some of us who have used EN since almost day one have been asking for years for manual sorting within a note book to be an option- can't be that difficult to implement.
  4. rob24hrs

    Sort tasks manually

    1.I am surprised Evernote Marketing have not figured out that if they allowed manual sorting within a note book i.e dragging they would basically make Ulysses redundant same with Scrivener for anyone doing long form writing. i.e if I have scenes in a novel within Ulysses I can just drag them around to the sequence I want- within Evernote this is not possible if it was many writers would use Evernote exclusively-. I guess Evernote are happy to leave a lot of money on the table...... 2. When if ever will the merge facility be available for Evernote iPhone/ipad? Apple are pushing the iPad Pro as a Laptop replacement but Evernote on iPad can not perform the functions that Evernote Mac can.
  5. rob24hrs

    Manual sorting of notes

    I wonder if Evernote realise how much potential business they are loosing out by not having this feature. Take a look a Scrivener and Ulysses app. If I could manually sort notes (i.e Scenes) within a notebook ( aka a manuscript) I would not need to use the two apps mentioned. Silly tagging and naming systems will not work. If I write a scene or part scene I need to drag it to a location within a list of other scenes.
  6. rob24hrs

    ios Merging notes on the iPad

    I am not sure how this request can be officially submitted to Evernote. If you are writing any form of Longford text using Evernote it is essential. Until it is available on IOS the iPad will not become a computer replacement. People have bee requesting it for a long time now. Does anyone actually listen to paying customers?
  7. rob24hrs

    merge notes on ipad pro

    Does it matter if you are "aware"? If you want EN to be truly "usable" across all devices then basic functions like merge and note book to pdf should be available ...before spending time on "handwriting recognition" etc. Get the basics right first. There was an application available in the App Store called merge ever or move ever that did the trick but it seems to have gone.
  8. rob24hrs

    Once more on printing whole notebooks

    this topic seems to have died the death...I am using Evernote as a journal and finding it a lot more "usable" than some of the dedicated journaling apps however the ability to print the entire contents of a notebook as ONE pdf is STILL not available within EN. A work round consists of copying a range of entries to another notebook, merging them then printing that note. But it looks messy as each note title appears in a huge block messing up the appearance of the pdf. This is not about wasting resources physically printing documents it is abut converting a range of related notes into one note....and making it available a a pdf...... So has this facility been abandoned...or will it we available eventually?
  9. rob24hrs

    merge notes on ipad pro

    A feature requested by many,promised and not delivered. It will be the reason I cancel my subscription if not available soon.
  10. rob24hrs

    mac Bulk pdf import

    Worked for me and is an easy solution.
  11. rob24hrs

    Updating a diary

    Don would you mind explaining how to do this? I can not seem to drag from one note to another. ( desk top client macbook air)