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  1. I actually responded by uploading the logs as requested and sent an email as well. Perhaps there is some sort of issue with email replies to your support being filtered?
  2. I've tried and tried to get support to actually respond. Sadly evernote seems to have 0 support for new users. Several weeks after I created my account, and several attempts to contact support I am still unable to use my evernote account. Maybe the product should be called nevernote? Support has told me that I need to reinstall the evernote client on my iphone. I actually had already tried it, it didn't work. Tonight I got a response back from Liz at evernote support saying the following: We apologize for the inconvenience, the log indicates there is an issue with your user ID. We require to reinstall your app via iTunes as instructed previously. That would not explain why the Mac app, chrome plugin and web interface all do not work with my account, and it its wording the comment actually contradicts itself - is the problem with my user ID or with the application install??? It would also not explain why I was able to login to another person's account on the same iPhone device. After receiving the email tonight I received a bounce on my reply which seems to be saying my issue was closed. Tried the web UI and guess what - Still doesn't work. Evernote, honestly you have the some of the worst support I've seen in a while, and honestly you should consider your options for support for new customers who are trying out the service otherwise you aren't going to get anyone to sign up for a paid service.
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