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  1. Oh yeah, it's mighty big of you to tell the company's customers to go elsewhere instead of complaining on the company forums (which some people actually call "feedback", that's right, it's not all pink roses and unicorn farts). Nothing like having no skin in the game, eh? "Evernote has problems, and if you don't like it, feel free to use a competing product!", says the person who doesn't work for Evernote. Oooh, ohhhh, can I do Comcast, I hate those jerks ... Hey all of you Comcast customers! Not happy? Well, ***** you! We don't care about your stinking feedback! Things are the way the are, and if you don't like it, LEAVE! You know, that felt good, I see why you do it. It's almost like I have the power of Comcast behind me, without any risk whatsoever. I think it's called "borrowed self-esteem" or something like that. Anyway, the truth is, we as customers have many options that you didn't list. We can seek answers until our heart's content and complain if we don't like the answers. We can start a "I hate Evernote's lack of multi-delete" website. Or we can ***** in each corner of our house, stick a candle in each one, and chant like a Buddhist Monk. It's asinine to not have a multiple-notebook delete option. That's the truth. P.S. it's not my fault this thread comes up on Page #1 of a Google search. If you don't like old threads getting re-upped, you can either learn to adapt to things you think are idiosyncrasies, learn how to use robots.txt, or close the thread. P.S.S. If you don't like my comment, feel free to shop at Target instead of Walmart. That's right, I said it, I'm a straight-up gangsta when the risk is nil.
  2. I'm getting ready to close my account altogether just so I can open another one cleanly. Moved on to a different project. Can't clear reminders or delete notebooks en-masse. I have to click the note, click over to the clock, click the drop down, wait for the sub-menu to appear, then choose clear note. For each one. For each and every stinking one. Really? I mean, really? Deleting scores of notebooks is even more fun, cause I get to go through the "Uh, uh, uh, is you sure you wanna do that?" dialog each and every time. (Oh no, I didn't want to delete the notebook, instead I was trying to wish my cat a happy birthday in a Pygmy dialect, thank you SO MUCH for verifying each and every deletion with me . You sure saved me! I mean, it's not like there's a "Trash" notebook or anything, right?) Come on, fellas, this isn't your first goat orgy, you've been around since, what, 2010 now? Look, it's not that we're not happy that you're hard at work giving LinkedIn and and God knows who else access to our personal information, that's always a welcome development since privacy is way overrated. Encryption at rest? Pish-tosh I say! Store those suckers in plain text, I say, and put a little excitement into your customer's lives! Keep 'em in suspense! That said, this is painful. Stone-cold painful. Believe it or not, people act on more than one object at a time. This is an activity that's known as "normal". Come on, say it with me know ... n-o-r-m-a-l ... awwww don't be shy, you can do it, I have faith in you ... nor ... no ... NOR ... MAL ... that's it! I'm so proud. I can't guess the bizarre reason you've chose not to let users delete multiple notebooks or clear multiple reminders. Whatever the reason, however, it's asinine. Please fix it. ROFLMAO!!!! Yeah, I know, I crack me up too. There'll be snow skiing in Hell before you guys make an improvement that benefits the customer instead of the rectal-prober-of-the-internet du jour. At least I'm done crapping now. Thanks for that, at least. This was better than reading the same damn magazine I've been reading for the last year. I just have to figure out where to put my phone while I wash my hands.
  3. Thanks. Unfortunately, I've rebooted about a dozen times since I made the post, I've installed one or two more versions (including the latest about 5 minutes ago), and I still get the error each and every time, as well as the subsequent error when I click "Download". And I'm going to have it for, if I were to take a reasonable guess, at least the next 12 months. I've paid for Evernote since 2011, and that's just the way it goes with the product. I guess it's good enough that the bugs don't overshadow it's usefulness, but that's about as tepid an endorsement as one could make for software. Ironically, Evernote is the only piece of (non-phone) software I've paid for in about 10 years ... not counting OSX. Wait, I paid for Parallels too, so that makes two or three I guess. People squawk on about Open Source and accountability, but commercial software is more bug-riddled by a double-digit factor, and if it doesn't make obvious business sense to fix them (you and I complaining about them as opposed to Microsoft complaining about them), then it's a crapshoot. It sucks being fiscally irrelevant, and the only way you can mitigate it is by paying for as little software/services as possible. At least that way you can fix the bugs yourself if they bother you enough.
  4. Great. I could have sworn I unchecked the "Update to beta versions" box long ago, but apparently not, because I got this one Evernote production software is alpha, so I can only image what beta must be ... code compiled 5 minutes ago and immediately released without any in-house testing whatsoever? Seriously guys, find a way to open source this stuff while retaining license to the servers because it doesn't seem like this stuff should be complicated to fix, you just need some more eyes on it. Evernote could be stable. It really could. And please don't give me the "did you file a bug report?" stuff. I've filed probably 20 since I've had Evernote, none fixed within 3 months, and I'm not in need of busy work. I have a job, and have to test my own software. I don't get paid to test someone else's. That's a professional function that people should be hired to perform. More than any trend of the past 10 years, I hate the "Have you filed a bug report?" response to technical issues. My reply: No, have you done my dishes? I can't believe that people actually accept blame from companies because the customer doesn't want to work for free. Inasmuch as I feel like an abject tool doing this stuff without getting 1099 income for it, since I was dumb enough to download the beta in the first place, I guess it's my penalty, and hey, at least I got to vent a little. So anyway, here goes: Now, every time I launch Evernote, it tells me that it has to download the "Osaka" font. Why? I dunno. I guess one of my notes uses it. As you might imagine, however, the Osaka font *is* installed on the machine. But "okay", I think, go ahead and download it, and I hit that button ... at which point it tells me to check my Wi-Fi because apparently, I have no internet connection, which is strange, because here I am posting this message in the Evernote forums. Wi-Fi is on, and connected, and oh look at this, I'm also connected via Ethernet. Why, that's one machine connected to two broadband access points, and yes, I've tried with one of them disabled. I could not imagine, even imagine, why it's having trouble doing it's thang. In any event, I've attached screen shots. Thus ends my bug-report-as-forum-post, and I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thank you, and godspeed.
  5. Rex

    Version too old

    For what it's worth, I just tried all the suggestions on this page. Rebooted as well. "Version Too Old" There is no excuse for this. It's simply unacceptable. The first post in this thread is how old? I could go on about how showstopping bugs have to be fixed immediately, or else your product's reputation is toast, but I've been doing this long enough to know that it won't matter. On the Android client, I emailed my logs to Evernote over 20 times, over a 18 month period, and the bug I was trying to help them fix was never touched. Thank goodness those devices become obsolete quickly. Anyway, I guess this is it on the Mac client end for me. I love the thing when it works, but it's just too much downtime for an app that's supposed to save me time and organize my life, and the company's never been responsive. I guess I'll have to find time to load it up in a Windows VM and export the notes as HTML. Good luck fellas.
  6. Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! I want to bang my head against the wall. Alright, check it, maybe you guys call it something other than release notes, but let me sort of explain my dilemma. Before leaving work today, I upgraded to 5.6 Beta 8. On the pop-up screen asking me to update, there was a changelog or list or whatever you call it listing everything that has changed since the last version. This is kind of key information, otherwise we simply don't know what to look for. Well, I didn't have time to read it, so I figured I'd read what's new when I got home. Well, now I'm home, and after searching for 20 minutes, and downloading the program yet again from the first post in this thread (your bandwidth bill's going to be on the high side this month), I'm going to have to give up. I can't find the "what's new" list anywhere. Anywhere. ANYWHERE!!!! Good grief on a bed of nails, fellas, I'm sure it's somewhere, but calling it un-untuitive would be the understatement of the century. Please consider making this stuff easier to find. Otherwise, thanks for the new release
  7. Hey guys, I downloaded the new version, but I'm having one heck of a time finding the release notes. I swear I've downloaded the program 10 times today while clicking through the site, looking for the release notes (clicking over to the download area simply starts the download). By any chance, do you know a place where I can read them?
  8. Thank you. I tried re-running my searches with: air way edi and: air edi Unfortunately, the results are not significantly different. I'm going to guess that it's still a work in progress. Thanks again, though.
  9. Hey Guys, I obviously like Evernote as I'm going on 3 years with it now, but I've never full (or even partially for that matter), understood search. Instead, I've always relied on the Spotlight to find my notes, which is so much more accurate, it's ridiculous. For instance, after seeing "improved search" in the release notes, I just downloaded the new version (5.5 Beta 2). For my first search I looked for a document "Air-Way EDI". I have over 20 notes with this phrase prominent throughout the note, including 15 documents tagged with the "Air-Way EDI" tag. Well, when I search via Evernote, 504 notes are returned, absolutely none containing this exact phrase in the first 50 or so. Instead, what I get is page after page of irrelevant notes, such as those with the string "air" in the URL. When I switch over and search the exact same phrase via spotlight the correct notes come immediately up, the most prominently being my "Air-Way EDI Table of Contents" note. Unfortunately, search in Evernote remains, for all intents and purposes, useless. Especially for those with very large note collections. 504 results are just too many to comb through, especially when no priority is given for notes with tags or titles of the exact phrase. I'm just curious, what kind of algorithm are you guys using? Are you at liberty to say? Perhaps I could make use of the search if I knew the magic words to say to get my notes returned properly. As it is, Evernote search remains little more than a curiosity. Little more than a head-scratcher and frequent "are these guys kidding?" declaration. Is there any way you can kind of, I don't know, reverse-engineer Spotlight's algorithm and implement it with Evernote? Or shall it forever remain a mystery of the IT world?
  10. Ooooh, I just grabbed the new Beta, and I must say that it's slicker than a dolphin's wiener. I haven't had much time to torture test it, but from what I've seen so far, me ruv it wrong time. I especially like the drop-down quick note from the menu bar. Best release yet. Way to go, guys.
  11. I believe they are not allowed to provide a beta option. See this thread for instructions to get back to the direct download version. http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/16062-uninstalling-everrnote-for-mac-os-x/#entry173494 Sweet. That was the answer. Thank you very much.
  12. I found the download for the last release in the first post of this thread, so I guess my question at this point is regarding the in-app upgrade feature. If the app is upgraded from the App Store, it seems like Betas are not included ... although I'll double-check to see if this is the case.
  13. Alright, I switched to a new machine, and looked in vain to find a non-App Store download of Evernote. This being the case, I installed it from the market, but I no longer have the option to upgrade to Beta releases. Has the non-App Store been done away with, and if so, how can we get access to the Betas going forward?
  14. Nailed it. Thank you for letting us know your preferences. It was very important that we know.
  15. Sir,Making comments about gender, *****, and so forth is a core tenant of my religion, and that you discriminate against me because of my beliefs is beyond reproach. Please take your hate-filled xenophobia elsewhere, as the Evernote forums are no place for your intolerance. Also, I would appreciate it if you would leave my race out of this, as it has no relevance to the subject at hand. I will say good day to you! I know it was tongue-in-cheek, but let's steer the conversation away from sensitive topics unrelated to Evernote. I think what you wanted to say is that you are unhappy with the interface. Could you tell us what specifically you didn't like? Actually, to the contrary. I fear that the moderator, who thinks that "God" is religious word even when used colloquially, made this less clear. I was actually, cautiously, pleased.
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