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  1. The registry hack worked for me. I'm new to EverNote, and had been using OneNote a long time. If the registry hack didn't work, there's no way I could use Evernote. But it did work, so I'm a very happy camper. Evernote is faster, more stable, and doesn't ask me for my windows live password over and over again. OneNote is my favorite note taking system, but it serves a different purpose than Evernote. I'm switching to Evernote because I want my PC to be FAST, bug free, and I want the sync mechanism to be transparent between my pc and laptop (and web and ipod touch). The web interface of evernote is a pleasure to use. My heart goes out to the Mac users, because the vertical list mode in Evernote is something vital. It's not just a luxury, it's the difference between rapidly accessing your files and swimming around hopelessly looking for them. Evernote team, please take pitty on Mac users, they are human too (as far as I know...)
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