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  1. When scrolling the snippet window with the mouse wheel at the beginning or end, the snippet section "bounces". This is very annoying. When at the beginning or end of the scroll, I simply want it to stop scrolling, not bounce.

    If I use the scroll bar arrow, it will extend beyond the end, leaving a mostly blank scroll window, except for the last note.

    Moving the scroll bar works the way I want it.

    Make the behavior just like every other scrolling out there.

  2. Adding it to the Windows version AND the web version. The software has the capability, as I can copy/paste highlighted text from MS word and websites into EverNote. I just need the feature added to the toolbar.

    And while they are at it, there need to be more work done to editing the format.

    I just don't get how highlighting can be overlooked; it is what I do with paper. I sometimes clip a large amount of text for context, but want to highlight critical phrases within a bunch of text.

  3. I'm using Evernote for Windows and desperately need the ability to highlight. For the life of me I cannot understand how this simple and common feature is omitted.

    Sure, I can take highlighted text from MS Outlook email and copy into Evernote. But adding/removing highlighting from within Evernote should be a standard feature...of any note taking.


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