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  1. I found that some of the notes I use most often had many "conflicting modification" whole duplicates of the same note included below the original - this eventually made the notes incredibly long and heavy, when I erased all the duplicates those particular notes became much faster and easier to work with.
  2. Thanks @DTLow . I will try the extreme solution once again, however, I originally had trouble with the app on my old laptop and since then have installed the app on my new laptop and continued with the same problems. And I also experience the same problems when accessing the online version on different computers. Could there be a problem with my account since it's obviously not a computer problem?
  3. l have the same problem - I've used Evernote for years with out a problem and even paid for premium. but for the last year or so my Evernote is so slow that it's almost unusable at times. I get the pinwheel constantly just typing and doing small things like changing fonts or cut and paste, both with the app on my Mac Pro and with the online version on a different laptop all together. Not sure what to do because I no longer have premium and can't get tech support.
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