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  1. hey i found a clunky workaround for this, first off the only answer i got from evernote was off their facebook, i messaged them and they said this. "We don't have an automatic sync form either of those two programs. If you are looking for a way to automate the process you can use our email gatewayhttp://blog.evernote...ernote-account/ ... alsohttp://blog.evernote...rvices-you-use/ might offer a workflow to help." i ended up logging in to Mail on my mac (any dedicated email client on your desktop will work) and forwarding all existing emails labeled "Notes" to evernote (you can do this with you
  2. it blows my mind this isn't a feature already, or if there's already a thread please link me to it. i have googled this a million times and cannot find a way to sync notes from my iPhone Notes app to evernote. even if it's a one time import, i have so many notes that i don't wanna copy and paste them all. why is this not a feature yet? additionally i've looked around for ways to sync certain gmail labeled messages to evernote (since you can sync iphone notes to gmail) but no dice. am i missing something? seems like this would be the perfect feature for evernote to finally take over the native
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