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  1. Does anyone happen to have a working knowledge of WinDbg to perhaps run a trace and determine what is happening? I’ve looked at Process Explorer but don’t have Symbols installed to gather anything meaningful. Of course this is EN’s job but.... Today I tried creating an offline folder and moved some content there as a test but that was a bust.
  2. Using same version as most (v6.15.4.7934) but my CPU issue appears to be caused by viewing notes containing web content that were generated using the Chrome clipper. After opening one of these notes the SubProcess jumps to 25% and doesn't stop until I click to something else. I already attempted disabling Hardware Acceleration without success. Time permitting I'll drill into it further but wanted to add to the list in the meantime.
  3. We're running O365 on Windows 8.1. Last week EN worked just fine in both OWA and Outlook yet something has broken the functionality -- maybe installation of EN version 5.9.1. I'm not certain if my other issue is a system limitation or how to fix: The clipper functions within the Exchange environment only and will not operate on an external IMAP mailbox added outside O365. If there is a workaround I'd appreciate hearing about it.
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