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  1. I was actually searching the forums to see if this was somehow capable, and I just missed it. I see that it's not. So I will also echo the above requests - would love to be able to write on a note in Evernote. I most often type notes into Evernote on my iPad while in a meeting, using a logitech keyboard. It would be nice to circle some text or draw a small diagram on that note. Then keep typing more notes below the drawing, etc.
  2. Doh! There is. Totally forgot this was now an App Store app. Thanks. Mods can delete this thread if needed.
  3. Saw that the new version (3.1.2) was announced as being available. But I can't find out how to update my Evernote for Mac. Please help. thanks,
  4. I'm having this exact same problem. Not only does it cancel shutdown of the Mac, but it also cancels Log Out of the user on the Mac as well. No other apps get in the way like this - they all elegantly get closed and allow the system to shut down per the command. Hopefully this can get fixed. It's not a show-stopper, but certainly not ideal. BTW - I submitted a ticket to support for it. BTW x 2 - I used to be Fireproof, but can't login with my old account. Not sure why - maybe because I changed the email address associated with my Evernote account, now I'm seen as a new user. That's a bummer.
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